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Approx Size:

2" x 2"


Beige with a pinkish hue, white


Power, Healing

Dolomite meaningDolomite was discovered in 1791 by Dolomieu while travelling in the Alps.
Dolomite encourages self-realization. It also fortifies a sense of tradition and helps us acclimate to new communities.
Healing properties of DolomiteDolomite stimulates the
metabolism of calcium and magnesium and keeps a balance between the two.
It is used by healers to stabilize health, especially blood, the heart,
and circulation. It dissolves cramps.
Dolomite can be worn or laid on the skin. The strongest effect is achieved by spending time in a stone circle of dolomite.

Dolomite Healing Crystal

Colour: White, Grey, Pink, Colourless, Reddish-White, Brownish-White, Red-Green, Brown-Black

Area: Australia, Brazil, England, Italy, Switzerland, USA

Appearance: Curved crystals usually massive milky look

Structure type:Trigonal-


Hardness:3.5 - 4

Astrological Signs:Aries

Dolomite is a very loving energised healing crystal. I would give this crystal to someone who lives alone or
is a solitary sort of person. It is also good for those who lack resourcefulness and have a fear of failure.
Dolomite ease grief and brings optimism into our lives. It opens and activates the Heart Chakra and so is
a wonderful crystal for bringing love into our lives and also nourishing and cherishing the love that we already
have. Dolomite also eases sorrow and helps us see that everything happens for a reason. Dolomite's healing properties
assist us with generosity, to think in original terms, spontaneity and creativity. It brings us inner tranquility and
also increases our stamina. Dolomite crystals also help with energy alignment and the removal of blockages. It also
enhances our charitable aspects and is a very uplifting crystal. Dolomite has been used to aid PMS, oxygenation of
the lungs and cell structure, also to strengthen the bones, teeth and muscles. It aids with problems of the reproductive
system, adrenal glands and urogenital system.



Encourages charitable actions and relieves sorrow. Helps us to see that everything happens for a reason.

Stimulates energetic and impulsive original thinking. Provides stamina for those dealing with hyperactive indivdiuals.

Use to align your energy, rebalance and remove blocks.
Chakras: Base

Astrological sign: Aries

this has an extensive list of the geological and technical data on dolomite

'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'   The Universal Heart Center

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