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LIFE IS SO ENTANGLED, ENTWINED, and every event leads to other events; and whatsoever you do, you will disappear, but WHATSOEVER YOU DID, THE CONSEQUENCES WILL CONTINUE forever and forever. They cannot end.

EVEN A SMALL ACT -- you smile at a person, AND YOU HAVE CHANGED THE WHOLE QUALITY OF EXISTENCE, because that smile will decide many things.

It happened: I was reading GRETA GARBO's biography...

She was an ordinary girl, working with a barber, just soaping people's faces, and she would have remained the same because she was already twenty-two, and then one American film director accidentally came to that barber's shop... there were twenty shops in that town... and when she was soaping his face he smiled, looking at the girl in the mirror, and said, 'How beautiful!&#

39; And everything changed.

This was the first man to say to Greta Garbo, 'How beautiful!' -- nobody had ever said it before, and she never thought herself beautiful, because HOW CAN YOU THINK YOURSELF BEAUTIFUL if nobody says so?

The whole night she could not sleep. The next morning she searched out the director, where he was staying, and she asked, 'Do you REALLY think that I am beautiful?'

THE DIRECTOR MAY HAVE MADE THE REMARK CASUALLY, who knows! But when a girl comes searching for you and asks, 'Really? What you told me, you really MEANT it?'... so the director said, 'Yes, you ARE beautiful!'

Then Greta Garbo said, 'THEN WHY NOT GIVE ME SOME WORK IN YOUR FILM, in some film you are making?'


Very small things move around, and they go on moving. It is just like throwing a small pebble in a lake.

SUCH A SMALL PEBBLE, AND THEN RIPPLES go on and on and on -- and they will go on to the very end. By the time they reach the shore, long before it, the pebble has settled deep into the bottom, is lost.

THAT PEBBLE WILL CHANGE THE WHOLE QUALITY OF EXISTENCE, because it is all one net; it is just like a spider's web: you touch it anywhere, shake it a little, and the whole web ripples. Everywhere it is felt.

You smile at a person -- and the whole world is a spider's web -- and the whole God is changed through that smile.

But how to decide? Krishna says you need not be bothered with decision, because it is such a vast thing that you will never be able to make a decision.

So don't think about the result, SIMPLY RESPOND TO THE SITUATION.

BE SPONTANEOUS, alert; be a witness and not a doer.

And The Flowers Showered
Ch #7: Temple fire
am in Buddha Hall

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