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No-saying is a good beginning, but not a good end. NO-SAYING IS THE SEED; yes-saying is the flowering of it.

The yes has to come through the no -- the no is the womb of the yes. IF YOU CANNOT SAY NO, YOUR YES WILL BE IMPOTENT. It won’t have any meaning at all, it won’t transform your life. It will be just on your lips, not in your heart.

That’s what has happened to the whole of humanity. PEOPLE HAVE BEEN FORCED TO BECOME YEA-SAYERS, theists, God-believers, without ever knowing the taste of no. The yes has been forced upon them. They have not arrived at the yes, the yes has been handed over to them, it is borrowed.

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG IN SAYING NO. No has as much beauty as yes. No is the way to arrive at yes. Use the no as a stepping-stone.

DON’T LET IT BECOME A HABIT; be conscious about it, that’s all. I cannot say to you to start saying yes, because that will be not yet ripe for you.

GO ON SAYING NO as long as the no remains significant to you. The no will destroy all that is false, borrowed. It will negate all beliefs. It will create an empty space in you.

IT CLEANS YOU OF ALL RUBBISH, it purifies you. It is a fire. Passing through it is a necessary step you cannot avoid. Those who avoid passing through it, their yes is just parrotlike.

IF YOUR YES HAS NOT COME as a growth to you, then it is absolutely useless. Pass through this fire of no-saying, but remember only one thing: DON’T LET IT BECOME A HABIT. It can become a habit, that is the danger.

The danger is not in no-saying. The danger is that your no-saying may become mechanical. So say it consciously, that’s all I can advise you -- say it consciously!

The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 10
[via Purna Vistar]

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