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YOU HAVE NOT KNOWN THE COLOR OF GOD, you have not know the color of love, you have not known the color of life. Orange is the color of blood, life; orange is the color of fire, love; orange is the color of the sunrise, the transformation -- the declaration that the night has ended.

But the being has to be colored. YOUR SOUL HAS TO BECOME RED with LOVE, with JOY, with CELEBRATION. In India, orange is the color of spring -- A SPRINGTIME HAS TO COME INTO YOUR INNER BEING so that flowers that have waited and waited for centuries can bloom, so that buds can open.

Kabir says:
"Every instant that the sun is risen.
If I stand in the temple, or on a balcony,
in the hot fields, or in a walled garden,
my own Lord is making love with me."

Meditate over this tremendously important statement:

" own Lord is making love with me."

THE MAN OF ABSOLUTE CONSCIOUSNESS remains in a constant orgasmic state. Just as two lovers reach an orgasmic climax only for a moment and then it is gone, and a sadness comes in the wake, so the man of total awareness, the Buddha, the enlightened person, remains for twenty-four hours a day in an orgasmic state:

" own Lord is making love with me."

AND WHEREVER I AM, Kabir says, IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE -- in the temple or in the mosque or in the fields or in a walled garden -- it doesn't matter where I am. Wherever I am, my Lord, my Beloved, is making love with me.

Love is the quintessence of religion. AND TO BE ORGASMIC IS TO BE A SANNYASIN -- and to become so orgasmic that it continues day in, day out; even when you are asleep, the meeting continues. You go on melting and merging into God, and God goes on melting and merging into you.

THE WALL BETWEEN YOU AND THE WHOLE HAS BEEN REMOVED, there is no separation. That state of non-separation, that state of UNIO MYSTICA -- the mystic union -- is the ULTIMATE expression of love. THE LOWEST IS THE MAN/WOMAN RELATIONSHIP; and the ultimate, the highest, is the meeting of the meditator with the whole.

Hence I say THE JOURNEY IS FROM SEX TO SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS. Sex is the beginning of the journey -- don't reject it. If you reject the beginning, you will never reach the end. But remember that it is only the beginning; don't get stuck there. You have to go farther and farther ahead; you have to transcend it. And as you go higher in meditation, the less and less sexual you are bound to become.

THIS IS HAPPENING EVERY DAY TO MY SANNYASINS. The whole country thinks that here nothing but sex is happening, but the reality is just the opposite. This may be the only place where THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ARE TOTALLY LOSING INTEREST IN SEX -- because going through it is going beyond it. To go beyond, one has to go through -- because without knowing it, there is no way to transcend it.

THE SEXUAL ORGASM REVEALS TWO SECRETS to you: one is that in the climax, at the peak, THE EGO DISAPPEARS; and the second, TIME DISAPPEARS. And these are the two secrets of meditation. One day meditating you will come to know that SEX IS NOT NEEDED AT ALL -- BECAUSE THE EGO AND TIME CAN DISAPPEAR without going into sex at all.

SEX IS A NATURAL WAY OF MEDITATION; it is a gift of nature, to keep reminding you that this is possible. Mind, time, ego, all can disappear. If they can disappear for a single moment, then why not forever? Sex is a natural window into God, but only a window. You need not remain confined behind it. You can jump out of the window and you can come into the open, in the sun, under the sky. But the window made it possible for you.

BECAUSE SEX HELPS YOU TO KNOW a few moments of EGOLESSNESS, TIMELESSNESS, MINDLESSNESS, it makes it possible that you can long for, desire a permanent state, an eternal state of orgasmic joy -- satchitanand.

KABIR IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Nobody else has said it so clearly: MY OWN LORD IS MAKING LOVE WITH ME, AND EVERY MOMENT OF THE DAY, irrespective of where I am, of what I am doing. THIS HAS TO BECOME THE EXPERIENCE of each of MY SANNYASINS.

This is my message to you. YOU HAVE TO ACTUALIZE THIS POTENTIAL IN YOU. One day you have to be able to declare to the world: "The Lord is making love with me twenty-four hours a day. I am in an orgasmic state. Not only am I in an orgasmic state, but I AM THE ORGASMIC STATE." That's what enlightenment is all about.

Once it is achieved, nobody can fall from it. ONCE IT IS ACHIEVED, ALL IS ACHIEVED.

The Fish in the Sea is Not Thirsty
Ch #10: Music that no fingers enter into
am in Buddha Hall

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