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THE MASTER IS NOT THE OTHER. When you have fallen in tune with a master, he is not the other! He is more yourself than you are. That, only a disciple knows -- he will laugh at the whole idea.

If you ask Sariputra, "Is Buddha the other, someone that you look up to?" he will laugh. He will say, "There is nobody to look up to. HE IS MORE ME THAN I AM MYSELF. He is my future, he is my potential, my possibility. He is my hope. Through him, I have seen what I can be, what is my destiny. Through him, I have become aware of the blooming flowers -- they have bloomed in him, I am just a seed. HE HAS GIVEN A GLIMPSE OF MY OWN POSSIBILITIES. He is ME!"

When a disciple is really a disciple, not just a student, then he will say, "THE MASTER AND I ARE NOT TWO." And if there is ever a question of choosing, the disciple will choose the master, not himself. Because the master is closer to his being than he himself is.

Take It Easy
Vol 2, Ch #2: It ain't easy!
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