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HIS WHOLE EXISTENCE is fast asleep. He has not yet claimed to be a man.

This type of person is what you call 'PIGHEADED&#

39;. He always has the outlook of 'HOLIER THAN THOU' -- VERY MORALISTIC. He thinks he is very moral; he does not know the ABCD of morality. BUT HE CLINGS TO THE SOCIAL CODE, he never goes beyond it. HE KEEPS THE RULES. Not that he is moral -- because he clings to an immoral society, how can he be moral?

A MORAL MAN IS BOUND TO BE UNSOCIAL; a moral man cannot be social -- at least not up to now has it been possible. We can hope that some day, in some future world, the society will be so moral that the moral man may not need to become unsocial. But it has not been so up to now: hitherto it has always been so that whenever there is a moral man, he is unsocial.

A Jesus is unsocial; so is Buddha, so is Kabir. WHY ARE REAL MORAL PEOPLE UNSOCIAL? -- because the society is immoral. If you adjust to the society, you become immoral. How can you adjust to a society which is immoral and remain moral? And the morality that is preached in the society is just hocus-pocus; it is bogus, it is just a show, it is not really moral. It pretends, and hidden deep behind it is all that is immoral.

CHRISTIANS GO ON TEACHING: LOVE YOUR ENEMY -- and they have fought more wars than anybody else, and they have killed many more people than anybody else. The whole history of Christianity is bloody. THE VERY WORD 'ISLAM' MEANS PEACE, and Mohammedans have never been peaceful.

It seems SIMPLY UNBELIEVABLE how we have tolerated all these things in the world. How we tolerate, how we are unable to see into them! THE CHURCH HAS BEEN ONE OF THE CALAMITIES; still it remains the protector. It goes on making announcements about what man should do. But everything is put in such words that the man who lives in the jungle is deceived.

FOR EXAMPLE, NOW THE WORLD IS BECOMING TOO CROWDED, and abortion is moral, and to go on producing children is immoral -- because the world will be crowded more: there will be more famine, more war, more poverty. You will be the cause of it. But the Pope goes on saying that no Catholic is allowed to abort; it is a sin. The same is true about the shankaracharya of the Hindus; he goes on saying 'No abortion.'

NOW TO GO ON POPULATING THIS WORLD is going to be one of the MOST immoral things; this world is already too populated. And if you bring a child into this world, you are not only doing something wrong to the world, you are doing something wrong to your child too: you will be throwing him into a very miserable world. His future will be miserable. BUT THE OLD IDEOLOGY IS NEVER AWARE OF THE NEW REALITY. It goes on talking nonsense. Maybe those words were meaningful one day, but they are no more.

A REAL RELIGION HAS TO CHANGE WITH THE TIMES. And this type of man is too pigheaded: he never changes, he is not ready to change. he is very much against change, he is anti-revolutionary. And this type of man is A FANATIC AND A FASCIST; he is READY TO BE VIOLENT at any moment. And all his violence arises because he is not confident about himself, not self-confident about his religion. HIS RELIGION IS NOT HIS OWN EXPERIENCE; how can he be self-confident? If you argue with him, immediately he brings the sword into the argument. His argument is that of the sword. This type of man is very irrational, but he talks as if he is very rational. HIS RATIONALISM IS NOTHING BUT RATIONALIZATION, it is not true reason.

The Path of Love
Ch #3: And home is not far away
am in Buddha Hall

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