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Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh), Indian mystic, guru and philosopher, founder of Rajneesh movement

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An impossible question to answer, because what to say. How can it actually be said who Osho is? Can a flower be defined, can love be bottled and sold? Can truth be contained in words? Can truth like a butterfly be caught? Words can be an echo of something we vaguely know inside ourselves, they can ring bells in our hearts, calling us forth to take a jump to something which is a deep longing. This longing will pull us to find ways to transform ourselves, dive deep into our own interiority, without blame, without judgement, without fear, without goal, just a fire to know the within, to discover who we are.....find out inside ourselves 'Who is Osho'. Osho Risk is a 'Buddhafield', a place which vibrates, celebrates, dances, dives into this longing to know 'who we are', to find Osho within, the oceanic existence. Here is a short biography of Osho followed by a question somebody asked Osho. Osho was born in Kuchwada, Madhya Pradesh, India, on December 11, 1931. Rebellious and independent from the very childhood, he insisted on experiencing the truth for himself rather than acquiring borrowed knowledge from others' belief systems. He attained Enlightenment at the age of twenty one and went on to complete his education. He taught philosophy at the University of Jabalpur for many years. Meanwhile, he would meet people, address large gatherings and give talks traveling all over India. Osho revived all the ancient spiritual traditions like Vedanta, Sankhya, Yoga, Tantra, Sufi, Hasid, Tao, Baul and Zen. Not only he revived all these traditions and spoke on great saints and masters like Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, Mahaveera, Shiva he developed his unique dynamic meditation techniques that help the modern man unburden his anxieties, stress through a deep cleansing process in order to achieve a relaxed state of meditation and ultimately - Enlightenment. Osho spoke on almost every aspect of life not through an intellectual understanding but based on his own existential experience distilling the essence of what is significant to the spiritual growth of modern man. His talks are transcribed and published in over 600 volumes and translated into many languages. The meditation centers owing allegiance to him can be found all over the world. In early 1970's a commune started to emerge around him in Pune where many seekers came from around the world to meditate. This beautiful Buddhafield became the spiritual capital of the world. Osho traveled to USA and many other countries finally arriving in Pune commune in 1987 where he left his body on January 19, 1990. The transcription on His Samadhi says:

Osho Never Born - Never Died Only visited this planet earth between December 11, 1931 - January 19, 1990

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A BUDDHA DOESN'T OBSERVE PRECEPTS.Now this is a great statement. It should be written in gold letters everywhere around the earth for everyone to understand it.He does not follow any…Continue

Started by LovePeaceandHarmony Jun 15, 2014.


YOU HAVE NOT KNOWN THE COLOR OF GOD, you have not know the color of love, you have not known the color of life. Orange is the color of blood, life; orange is the color of fire, love; orange is the…Continue

Started by LovePeaceandHarmony Jun 15, 2014.


THE MASTER IS NOT THE OTHER. When you have fallen in tune with a master, he is not the other! He is more yourself than you are. That, only a disciple knows -- he will laugh at the whole idea.If you…Continue

Started by LovePeaceandHarmony Jun 15, 2014.


No-saying is a good beginning, but not a good end. NO-SAYING IS THE SEED; yes-saying is the flowering of it. The yes has to come through the no -- the no is the womb of the yes. IF YOU CANNOT SAY NO,…Continue

Started by LovePeaceandHarmony Jun 7, 2014.


Beloved Osho, Yesterday you talked about destroying the family. Did you ever have a family?\\Osho:// Everybody is born in a family. I was born in a family. And in India there are joint families, big…Continue

Started by LovePeaceandHarmony May 30, 2014.


THERE IS AN INNER EMPTINESS and the fear that if you relate with somebody, sooner or later you will be exposed as empty. Hence it seems safer to keep a distance with people; at least you can pretend…Continue

Started by LovePeaceandHarmony May 30, 2014.


LIFE IS SO ENTANGLED, ENTWINED, and every event leads to other events; and whatsoever you do, you will disappear, but WHATSOEVER YOU DID, THE CONSEQUENCES WILL CONTINUE forever and forever. They…Continue

Started by LovePeaceandHarmony May 30, 2014.


SEVENTY PERCENT OF THE WHOLE HUMANITY’S INCOME GOES INTO WAR EFFORTS. Even the poor countries, where they cannot afford food twice a day for their people, where they are living under the poverty…Continue

Started by LovePeaceandHarmony May 30, 2014.


LOVE has to be learnt; it is THE GREATEST ART THERE IS.If people are dancing and somebody asks you, “Come and dance,” you say, “I don’t know how to.” You don’t just jump up and start dancing and have…Continue

Started by LovePeaceandHarmony Apr 26, 2014.


HIS WHOLE EXISTENCE is fast asleep. He has not yet claimed to be a man.This type of person is what you call 'PIGHEADED'. He always has the outlook of 'HOLIER THAN THOU' -- VERY MORALISTIC. He…Continue

Started by LovePeaceandHarmony Apr 22, 2014.

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Comment by David Dogan Beyo on August 18, 2010 at 5:56pm
A hypothesis
My suggestion is, don't ask me whether the theory of reincarnation is true or not. To me it is true, to you it is not -- not yet. Don't take any position, negative or positive. Just remain open to the hypothesis. Explore. If you can go into your own past lives, that's enough proof that everybody has a long, long past. And that gives another insight: if there are past lives, that means there are going to be future lives; this life is only just in the middle. Of course, to enter future lives is not possible because the future has not happened yet. But to enter the past is absolutely easy because it has already happened; the memory is there and the record is there. It is just that you have forgotten the way to the record room where it is recorded. Take it as a hypothesis.

Comment by David Dogan Beyo on August 15, 2010 at 2:07pm
Comment by Dr. Sohiniben Shukla on July 29, 2010 at 2:06pm
Dear david,
Yes, Osho is the real Master I have seen him !
Comment by David Dogan Beyo on April 26, 2010 at 11:16pm
Life is an experiment to find out what is right, what is wrong
Each individual has to be conscious, alert, and watchful, and
experiment with life and find out what is good for him. Whatever gives
you peace, whatever makes you blissful, whatever gives you serenity,
whatever brings you closer to existence and its immense harmony is
good. And whatever creates conflict, misery, pain in you is wrong.
Nobody else can decide it for you, because every individual has' his
own world, his own sensitivity. We are unique. So formulas are not
going to work. The whole world is a proof of this.

Never ask anybody what is right and what is wrong. Life is an
experiment to find out what is right, what is wrong. Sometimes you
may do what is wrong, but that will give you the experience of it, that
will make you aware of what has to be avoided. Sometimes you may
do something good, and you will be immensely benefited. The rewards
are not beyond this life, in heaven and hell. They are here and now.
Each action brings its result immediately. Just be alert and watch.
Mature people are those who have watched and found for themselves
what is right, what is wrong, what is good, what is bad. And by finding
it for themselves, they have a tremendous authority. The whole world
may say something else, and it makes no difference to them. They have
their own experience to go by, and that is enough.

Comment by David Dogan Beyo on April 22, 2010 at 5:38pm
When you see that you are responsible for your bliss
Don't be bothered with the next moment, or the next life, or the next world. Make this moment rejoicing, make this moment a moment of bliss, and the next will follow it, and the next life, and the next world. And everything that you are this moment is going to become deepened more and more. And when you see that you are responsible for your bliss, your bliss will be far more. When you see that nobody has given it to you, that you have not been a beggar, that it is not a gift from somebody else -- because nobody has given it to you, nobody can take it away -- when you see this you will be far happier.

Comment by David Dogan Beyo on April 22, 2010 at 1:23pm
Do not seek for bliss directly
Misery is a by-product, so is bliss. Misery is a by-product of being asleep, bliss is a by-product of being awake. Hence you cannot seek and search for bliss directly, and those who seek and search for bliss directly are bound to fail, doomed to fail. Bliss can be attained only by those who don't seek bliss directly; on the contrary, they seek awareness. And when awareness comes, bliss comes of its own accord, just like your shadow, unshakable...

Comment by Selin on April 19, 2010 at 11:29pm
Ölmekte olan herkesin bunu bilmeye hakkı vardır. Doktorlar bunu saklarlar. “Kişiyi neden rahatsız edelim?” diye düşünürler. Ama kesin olmayan rahatsız edicidir; kesinlik ise asla rahatsız etmez. Bu arada kalma durumu, -yaşayacak mısın yoksa ölecek misin, bu araf; endişenin asıl kaynağı burada yatar. Ölmekte olduğun kesin olduğunda, o zaman yapacak bir şey kalmaz. Kişi bunu basitçe kabullenir. Ve bu kabullenişten bir dinginlik, bir sakinlik yükselir. İnsanların ölmekte olduklarını bilmelerine izin verirsen, ölüm anında huzurlu hale gelirler. Öleceklerini kesin olarak bildiklerinde, yüzlerinden bir ışık saçılır, -bunu görebilirsin. Aslında bir mucize olur: O anda insanlar hiç olmadıkları kadar canlı olurlar.

Doğu’da biz bunu bin yıllardır uygulamaktayız. Tibet gibi ülkelerde, insanlara ölürken yardım etmesi için farklı teknikler oluşturuldu. Bunları Bardo Todo diye adlandırıyorlar. İnsanlar ölüm döşeğindeyken arkadaşları, akrabaları ve yakları onun çevresinde toplanır ve ona ölümünün kesin olarak gerçekleşeceğini bildirirler. Bu sayede de rahatlamasına yardım ederler. Çünkü tamamıyla rahatlamış bir durumda ölürsen, ölümün kalitesi değişir; ve yeni doğumun çok daha yüksek bir kalitede gerçekleşir. Doğumun kalitesi ölümün kalitesi tarafından belirlenir. Sonra da sırasıyla doğumun kalitesi başka bir ölümün kalitesini belirler. Bu sayede hep daha iyiye doğru gidersin, bu senin gelişimindir.
Comment by David Dogan Beyo on April 17, 2010 at 8:56pm
In your love, I will live

If you have loved me, I will live for you forever. In your love, I will live. If you have loved me, my body will disappear, but I cannot die for you.... Even if I am gone, I know you will search for me. Yes, I can trust you will hunt for me in every stone and flower, in every eye and star... And I can promise you one thing: if you hunt for me, you will find me... in every star and in every eye... because if you have really loved a Master, you have moved into eternity with him. The relationship is not of time, it is timeless.

There is going to be no death. My body will disappear, your body will disappear -- that will not make any change. If the disappearance of the body makes any change, that simply shows that love has not happened. Love is something beyond the body. Bodies come and go, love remains. Love has eternity in it -- timelessness, deathlessness.

~ OshO ~
Comment by LovePeaceandHarmony on April 6, 2010 at 12:21am
Comment by David Dogan Beyo on March 31, 2010 at 6:00pm
The G.U.R.U. Newsletter 7
"Into the Wild"

Meditation is needed because you have become
unnatural. If you live a natural life... and by
'natural' I mean: live the moment as it is… don't try to
put any should on it, don't try to transform it into anything
else. Just accept the moment as it is. When in love,
love, and don't think how love should be. Don't
consult love manuals, just let love flow naturally.”


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