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Online 2012 workshop. A place to send those you love who will soon be awakening to the Truth.

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Book Descriptions

This is the true story of one person's initiations while climbing the steps up the ladder of Ascension.


The various progressions that are achieved through these initiations are similar to those in the 12 steps of the AA program.

If we are resistant to the energies that are supporting us in our evolutionary unfolding, we will crumble in personal crisis.


Clearing emotional energies requires an understanding of how energy needs to move. This is the new paradigm.


Available in print through Amazon.


This book is a philosophy of Consciousness, Creation and Rebirth. We are a growing global consciousness that is experiencing a spontaneous conscious evolution through our DNA.


In the Periodic Table of the Elements, the atomic number for the Carbon element is six. Carbon is necessary to form all DNA and RNA, which is the chemical code of life as it exists now. The Carbon atom has 6 electrons, 6 neutrons & 6 protons.


It is we who are ‘the beast.’


"Mind-Blowing!" Dr. Donald Cooper, ND


Available in print through Amazon.

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Comment by Deborah J. Boyd on March 10, 2011 at 5:31am
Since my birthday is 3/23 I am interested to see the next chapter. You may wish to follow me on Facebook to get more detail. You will see that unlike Jesus I am a far better manager of the rich and famous. My plan is to develop more wealth for the poor so that they are more equal to the rich. Without their tricks and the fear they use to manipulate the poor they are hopeless. Add to that many of them simply inherited their wealth and do not have a clue how to replace it if is lost. I came from the working class and can do just about everything I need to without money. I am the rebirth of the Scottish Clan Master and I belong to the largest Scottish Clan on Earth. I think it is large and resourceful because they married every tribe they came in touch with.
Love & Peace, Deborah
Comment by Victor on January 25, 2011 at 10:00am

     Error or opinion is like twilight, it makes the world a world of shadows – a world of duality, and it seduces ever toward the darkness of the ego identity until at last either the ego identity reigns or the light of the Authentic Identity bursts in.  For if the light of Wisdom enters into the tormented through their moments of clarity, those who are in darkness and cling to their errors and fears (the illusion) will not see the light for their resistance will blind them.  However, for those who are yet entangled in the illusion and oppressed by their doubts and fears but are at once willing to be open to the light and not turn away, Authenticity will be seen.  By light, I do not mean the visible type, I mean the Wisdom that preexists all knowledge; I mean the Authentic Self.  They are willing to shed the errors they have agreed to accept as truth for the authentic Truth they can now see clearly. 


     In the twilight of error or illusion, man becomes superstitious amongst the shadows and dark places.  This is the condition in which he creates all the evils, which a nervous state of mind can conceive, and every disease and illness it can imagine.  We must pass beyond that twilight of doubt and illusion before we can shake off the body of death or suffering.  This is the real resurrection – from error and ignorance.  To be born again (reunited) in the Spirit, the birth having no mother and no father – the recognition of the enlightened being-ness that is, and always has been, ours.  What we wish to do is free our minds from the thinking that torments our senses, to escape from the ideas of error, and the illusions of this false universe.  To be free from the ideas that tell what they believe but can explain nothing, ideas that can give the opinions of others but can prove nothing.  This errant thinking can be very difficult to see clearly for it often appears as an angel or something pleasant that the ego identity has convincingly shown us as trustworthy. 


Perfect Health and Clarity of Mind,



Comment by Vicky Anderson on April 6, 2010 at 6:34pm
You're very welcome. Happy to have you here. Vicky

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