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From St. Germain:

What are Twin Flames

To help us understand what are Twin Flames, let's first take a look at the
journey of the soul and how it was formed.

Many people do not understand much about the Soul even. For those people
that have an interest in the Spiritual or energetic aspect of life, we find
that we have to go beyond relating to life, in more than the "body
consciousness" or the physical realm.

That is the first step because the "Soul" itself is but a vehicle for
consciousness and expression. The Soul is a living potential to realize

The Soul itself must be lifted up and guided to achieve its goal. The Soul
does not die like the body does, but it does not just automatically have
its fulfillment, without a process of mastery. .The "Soul" itself is not
permanent. It is in a state of becoming. The Soul itself has a purpose, an
origin, it has a beginning.

That beginning has to do with the birth of Twin Flames. The soul can and
does have multiple, even thousands of incarnations or lives. It uses the
body as a vehicle to play out these lifetimes.

But before these lives, the Soul itself was borne and created from Spirit.
Spirit is not the same as Soul. Spirit is the absolute perfection of being.
The Soul is really in the process of becoming perfected.

In a simple sense, each one of us has had only one birth Spiritually. We
created in an original unique pattern or blueprint from God.
It is not easy for our "normal mind" to get this but we are borne as an
aspect of a divine spark of a great light (God Source). It is the light of

The story of the creation of Twin Flames are important to help us
understand our journey. It begins as a non-physical dimension. Life begins in such
a way. Twin Flames are created in the union of "both" the energies of
Father / Mother God. We are the Androgynous whole. We are ONE.
Our higher self sings: "I AM THAT LOVE, I AM THAT LIGHT, I AM THAT GOD

We have both the aspects of MALE and FEMALE vibrational polarities and in
our "energetic
awareness" we stay as one. There is no need for the separating out of the
wholeness. We are always a single spark of God. We are already perfect and
we were created in perfection.

When Twin Flames were born!, One aspect took on the image of masculine
form, the other the female form.
A "soul" was formed also that each unique aspect could have its own
individual expression. Each Soul could make his or her decisions. They
follow their own free will. They could become co-creators with the mind,
higher mind of God, more readily because they were closer to God's
and frequency. The God Head honored the free will in Twin Flames.Each one
of us is borne with the Divine counterpart called the Twin Flame or
Twin Souls. Twin Flames have a magnetization that goes well beyond
physical, mental or
emotional attraction. Both Twin Flames had the same identical pattern and
energy signature of creation
This is called the same identical "electronic blueprint"

Many Twin Flames have endured a long journey to find wholeness, to find the
Twin Flame and to find our way back to the God Core of our being. Because
Twin Flames started making their own freewill decisions to follow a certain
path or to become embroiled with other souls and to seek out
different interests with our energy, often times they became separated.Of
course not all Twin Flames remained separated. Some did Ascend too.
Sometimes one Twin Flame Ascended and another is still trying to find their
Mastery. There is a deep and ancient memory and connection we have with our Twin

In the deepest parts of our being, we have the akashic record of our
Spiritual union
not just in the beginning with the Twin Flame but also with Father-Mother
God in the beginning of our creation. This is called the Divine Plan.

Through reincarnation Souls were given the opportunity and desire to
spiritual evolve and to continue to follow
the inner reality of being, seeing lifetimes on Earth as a "schoolroom"
(soul lessons) never completely forgetting our divine inheritance.

In the God purpose for Twin Flames there is the divine plan that sets of
Flames devoted to Divine causes could be capable of great things. When
Twin Flames can contain their Harmony and direct their focus toward
unconditional love and selfless service, and establish the flame or spark of God's
qualities, all of life will respond in patterns of their own perfection.
Such is the power of Twin Flames united in divine love.

We are entering a time in this New Age of Aquarius where Twin
Flames are being brought together. It may be in the physical encounter or
may come through a quickening of Spiritual Planes that our point of being
with our Twin Flame can occur.

But the point is always in the Spiritual acceleration and the dedication to
that unique individual and joint divine plan. The question is are we
finally ready to face our divine destiny?

Any one of us can begin to create a re-union with the energy of the Twin
Flame by deciding to dedicate our energies to the higher self We must
learn to cultivate small and greater steps of higher conscious awareness,
living in the now moment and in the "I Am" presence..
We are changing in higher vibration. We are already developing a frequency
for God We have to allow ourselves to receive the Graces of God,
forgiving and loving ourselves, believing and having faith in our soul missions
even as the going gets tough. Seeing obstacles given by our soul/higher self
as opportunites for soul growth. The soul and higher self is our inner
teacher. We are sustained through the
energies of faith and feeling thru the heart that are a purified
absorption of God's
love, light and guidance that pours into us and shines our higher light..
Love that flows from divine source is intended to be expressed. It is an
inner journey for the Twin Flame.

The Path to the Twin Flame is the path of overcoming, of knowing we are
always spirit, part of the God head. To express our divine love. God builds
our fire. We are a flame. We are a living flame. We are Twin
Flames in the beginning and the end, we are one..


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