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Falling from Grace

Before coming to our Earthly existence we are given a chance to watch the film of our lives and sign agreements with God if we believe this will benefit our learning experience and service best. At first we are the Spark of one Flame, whole in essence. But upon coming to our existence we are stripped of our knowledge and we forget who we really are. The further we are from the Source the less we remember. And the circle goes on until we remember the moment of our primal separation from God. The time when One flame became Two! The time when the Search begun and the Repetition of patterns started. When we split up from ourselves, we split up from God, and we split up from our Angelic nature. This blog, previous posts, and the ones that will follow are part of a memory, a story of nurturing and re- igniting the flame within...And the process of healing the pain from primal separation and the illusion of loss! This is how it goes.
            Once upon a time there was a powerful warlock. He had lightning in his eyes and held thunder in his hands. With one word he could master the wind, and calm a storm. He Was the Wind and the Storm! He spoke with animals. Snakes were his best friends. He was a healer, he did not heal with with herbs and potions, and he healed with his eyes only. His will was powerful; he could turn water into stone, and people into dust. He never used his power for anything else but for healing for this was his contract with God. He carried the Flame, the Antivirus that could turn around the Virus that once had fallen on humankind. He had clear vessel for conscious communication with God and was a pure being above all. And he was born like that, did very little to fill up his knowledge from others.
He lived in caves far away from the world but people came to him for counsel, and healing. King was relying on him for all advices. And he was living to the expectations.
But the dark forces were on to him. This big power working for good was not in the best interest of the underworld. Jealousy, fear and selfishness drove many into hating him and setting him a trap, the one that he could not foresee for all his wisdom. Those who could not understand him feared him. In a kingdom near by, a witch lived. A witch of small power but great beauty that made her vain. She lived on making potions and lotions for returning lost lovers and could not do anything else much.  She wanted a warlock to be her teacher and her lover but he refused her. He refused as he knew that there was no power in her and that the knowledge he could give her would kill her. She did not understand. So she swore she will have her revenge. She found some teachers in lands far away, teachers of little power and moral so instead of strengthening her power she managed to put malice in her heart. And she hated the warlock even more. After a long search she found one of his weaknesses. He loved a youngest daughter of his king. Although he knew better than to get attached he could not ignore the inklings of his heart because he knew that heart is always right. She was sent to him to learn the Magic and he grew fond of her. Seeing her on a daily basis only strengthened that love. Luckily she loved him back. Nothing was ever said between them on this matter but he knew, by the way she looked at him. And he wished for a normal life, he wished for having a family and wife. He spoke to God and God promised happiness. King gave his consent too. Everything was as it was supposed to.
But the wicked witch decided to use this situation to her advantage. And combine the powers of all that hated and feared warlock and create a big swirl of negativity that she will send his way. As she could not hurt him, she sent it to the princess. She invited all the forces of evil to help with this, and waiting for the good to fall they gladly helped. Princess got sick and was becoming sicker and sicker every minute. But she did not die as the witch knew warlock could accept it as Gods will. She wanted him to doubt God, to hate God. So she went to speak to princess and told her she will only get better if she leaves warlock for good. She created lies telling her that his power is making her ill and will eventually kill her, as she is human, he is not! Thus putting doubt into her heart the potion for hate that she prepared worked better than she would expect it herself!
The princess got better but hated warlock as she held him responsible for her illness. She feared him now and did not want to see him. As if the love never happened before, she married her father’s first knight.
Warlock was devastated, but with all his wisdom and power there was nothing he could do. She made a choice and God does not interfere in free will of humans. He prayed and prayed, and cried and begged. God wept but all he could promise was to mend his brokenness and give him love again. As God always tries to make some good out of bad...
But this was not good enough for the warlock. Half mad from pain and loneliness of his cave he decided he has a free will too. As he was in pain he did not pay attention to the messages of good spirits, the bad ones were stronger. God worked through his heart but he refused to feel Him, especially when he heard that the princess was with a child. The warlock decided he will use his powers and do what ever he wants. As he thought she run away from him because of his powers, because she thought he was making her ill, he decided to make her ill. He used all his powers and she died within a day. But then he was even sadder, and growing sadder and sadder he was letting more and more demons into his heart. He became dark and ugly. So he thought if people fear him, they should have a reason. Then he evoked all the storms and winds and destroyed the kingdom. He moved far away and became known for his wickedness. He started using dark rituals only to move away from God. He was helping anyone who seemed slightly bad and slightly mad. Because he was so angry with God, He took his love away and no one came to hear him cry while he was helping everyone. He decided he will do his best to destroy Gods creations. So he was sacrificing even unborn children for the sake of his magic to work. The magic was stronger but his powers were weaker and weaker. Because his power came from God. And again he blamed God and again he was vicious even more, ripping hearts from living human beings to use for his sorcery. He was much feared but much sought as he was resolving people of their troubles, and their enemies. Because people did not think on how their acts will affect others, they only wanted themselves to be ok.
The warlock turned his heart into a black rock and was horror to all living things.
             Through all this time God tried to put he back on his way but he never wanted to talk to him anymore. One night villagers decided to put this to an end so with a little help of our well know wicked witch that sent deep sleep onto him, they used venom of a poisonous snake to paralyze him and then they drowned him into the near by lake. He never knew what hit him as his powers were so week, he could not perform anything without the help of a dark side. And this time they honored the agreement made with the witch. As they never had one with him, he had one with God that he abandoned so he was the power of good that needs to be destroyed.
When he came back to the Kingdom of Heaven and stood before God he saw all that happened and only wept. But he had already fallen from grace. He asked God what he can do to make this better. And God decided he will be given chances for repentance due to his previous existence that was always in Light, as long as he always serves the humanity. But he will have to search for his true nature through centuries until he remembers who he really is. And to make his chances better God split him into two flames, one male, and one female. They are to change incarnations and forms of existence, always to meet, never to be together until they both remember when they were One flame, existing in one person. They will always search for love as it was love that first brought about the separation and fall. They will be powerful healers but never will their powers be in one as it would be when combined. She would have words, he would have eyes, she would have hands he would have mind. She will be storm, he will be wind. She will be serious, he will be jolly. She would have insight and intuition; he would read minds and rise energy. She will be sorceress, he will be magician. Together they will channel God! In separate worlds, in separate states, in separate religions, separate age...All that can separate them will separate them. And they went on their way, to meet at the end of time, at the end of their incarnations when they will finally remember and work together to fulfill their mission to humanity. They will know each other for their hearts will rejoice and nothing else will be the same as love will strike its way.
Agreeing on this, the warlock flames went separate ways, as they understood this will be in better service for God as he could ever be as one. For God always tries to make some good from bad...And he knew their human forms will cry and  would want to give their contracts away, and they will suffer in their hard lives, as they won’t understand, that this is how angels are made. They need to be conscious and freely choose their way. Others will have their saying in this journey too and will try to stop Gods way so he promised to protect Her more and even interfere as He made her fragile and sensitive, unable to get angry, putting thus a lot more on her way.
And this is how He shaped her heart...

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