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Twin Flames - Twin Souls - Soul Mates ANGELINA HEART'S TWIN FLAME NEWSLETTER March 3, 2011

Twin Flames - Twin Souls - Soul Mates


March 3, 2011

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Preparing Yourself for the Soul Mate

Using the Violet Consuming Flame


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Recently some of the leading relationship luminaries joined with Arielle Ford and Claire Zammit to offer The Ultimate Soulmate Summit. Together, they provided a wealth of information about the psychology, biology, chemistry and inner spiritual work for those who are seeking a soul mate. Over 60,000 people attended the free 14 day summit via the web. The series was recorded and is available for purchase in various formats for those of you who are interested and were unable to attend.

The primary focus was upon the longing of the human heart to join with the Beloved and the different pathways to open the channels to experience this union. The combination of efforts of these presenters also served to redirect the consciousness of the listeners from “I am incomplete and must therefore find The One who will complete me,” to understanding they are the resonant field that attracts what they are at their core. The focus became one of preparing yourself for the Soul Mate.

I have to tell you my heart was doing cartwheels to see this presented to such a large audience. The cumulative energy served to crack the old paradigm for so many. Even if they still go on the internet dating hunt, their consciousness will never be the same. It has given their I AM Presence a foothold to bring forth more and more information about their truth as the individualized embodiment of Love and their ability to atomically create more love from their own heart field.

Those of you who have connected with my work (or the works of those who are presenting Twin Flame information from the standpoint of Twin Flames being the ultimate co-creative atomic generator of Love,) are on the leading edge of a spiritual revolution. You are those souls who agreed to create the pathway for the rest of humanity to follow. I surround you with so much gratitude for the efforts you are making to connect to, create, and share authentic love.

As the intensity of the influx of Divine Love is brought through your heart fields, everything that stands as an impediment to this truth, be it old energy forms in your personal fields, or in the world’s, will rise to the surface to be dissolved and consumed. However, your application of the Violet Consuming Flame is truly, tangibly dissolving and transmuting those energy forms that have been impeding love in your own fields as well as the planetary fields.

There will be many moments during the next few years when you will feel like you’re standing in the eye of the storm, watching the illusion swirl so rapidly about you as the clearing process takes place. But stay there in the vortex, in the eye of the storm, so you can hold the vibration of what is real. Don’t allow yourself to get sucked back into the illusion. Every time you put your attention on the illusion, you give it power. Empower the REAL and the REAL ONLY!

So many lightworkers have told me they are just tired and feel like giving up, believing they’re not making any difference at all. But we ARE making a difference, as so acutely evidenced by that which has been stirred up to be eliminated. We can’t take these old energy forms where we’re going. The love we are bringing through our Twin Flame heart wombs is serving to re-attune every electron back to its true identity as Divine Love. And, every effort we make is being magnified by the Host of Heaven. This is not a battle -- it is the greatest GIFT you can possibly bestow upon All That Is.

Only Love is Real

Angelina Heart


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the power of this magnificent law of transmutation, I have made available a downloadable product that provides background and educational material about the use of this ray, along with a short, but extremely powerful meditation to utilize in your daily life. Only $12.99

Using the Violet Consuming Flame

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