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God is calling Twin Flame couples together to use their shared hearts to return the world to Love in many exciting ways. Is this you? Are you
ready to dedicate your heart, your life and everything you are to Love?
Please read on and discover God’s amazing plan, patterned by those who
have already said “Yes!” to Love. These people have come together first
in heart and consciousness, and then in the physical.

Twin Flames embody the energies of Creation, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

A Twin Flame couple is a cell in God's heart.

The shared Twin Flame or SoulMate heart is an opening to deliver God's Love to all of Creation.

God's Love comes to us every Now Moment in pulsations which sustain all of life.

Reunited Twin Flame couples feel those pulsations as ecstasy together.

Twin Flame couples not only deliver God's Love but generate new Love to add to God's Love.
The fiery molten Love shared by Twin Flames can actually melt the frozen hearts of humanity and help God return them to Love.

When you come together with your Twin Flame, even in consciousness
before meeting in the physical, you begin creating a shared SoulMate

This Twin Flame heart is a powerful tool for bringing the world back to
Love. Anything or anyone placed in the Twin Flame heart is brought right
to God, and thus returned to Love.

God asks you to commit to coming together in consciousness to build this
Twin Flame heart together, before coming together in the physical.

This creates a firm foundation of Love for the relationship on the spiritual level.

Why is it so important to build the Twin Flame relationship in consciousness?

Most relationships on Earth are ego relationships based on old relating patterns, fears and superficial judgments.

The ego always creates separation and represents what we are healing here on Earth.

The ego keeps us turned away from Love or being truly in our heart.

The SoulMate heart is so powerful that a couple must be committed to
living in the heart and not the ego if they want a true SoulMate

Coming together in consciousness builds a foundation in Love and a real
heart relationship, before coming together physically can bring up any
possibilities of superficial judgments.

Everyone has had the experience we call intuition. It is a knowingness
of the heart that bypasses the mind. Meeting in consciousness is the
awareness of your Twin in spirit, in your heart, in knowingness.

The Twin Flame energy is so powerful that by focusing on your Twin,
calling him or her to you, and sending Love from deep in your heart, you
can quickly move into a glorious relationship in consciousness.

Soon you will feel the SoulMate heart you are building together.

Then, by agreement, you will begin working together with your SoulMate
heart to give Love, not only to each other, but to all of life.

This returns you as a Twin Flame couple to the flow of Creation which is
based on giving. What you give comes back to you, and your Twin Flame
relationship will grow in amazing ways.

Twin Flames were created by God as a package of Creation, each being the
embodiment of Love for the other. Thus, your Twin Flame is the perfect
mirror of the Love you are as God created you, but carrying the opposite
charge (Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine). Being two halves of the
same heart, when you look at your Twin Flame you see yourself. So Twin
Flames always mirror for each other the "state of your heart."
According to the law of vibration, Twin Flames would not come together
until they could meet each other in perfect Love. This would be
difficult for most people on Earth. However, with the SoulMate
Dispensation from God, Twin Flames or SoulMates are now able to come
together here before each is living perfect Love. This is exciting for
us and holds great promise for the world.
It is important to understand that because your Twin Flame is your
mirror, if, at the time you meet, you have "heart's beliefs" that are
ego or fear-based, they too will show up before you in your SoulMate. As
Twin Flames say "Yes" to Love and draw together, there are three things
that are critically important.
First, each person must be deeply and completely committed to
acknowledging his or her ego/old beliefs and making the shift to the
heart again and again, bringing each old belief to God to transform.
Second, each couple must be committed to seeing themselves together as a
unit, choosing Love over ego. For example, if one person falls into
fear based on an old relationship issue, this is a situation for both
people to address together. As a couple they must view the ego reaction
as something that is not who they truly are, not real, and as something
that they can transform. If the person in fear cannot see this clearly,
the other person must always stay in the heart, giving purest Love to
their partner.
Third, Twin Flame couples must daily, even hourly, give their will to
God, keeping their focus on Love and trusting God to carry them "across
the veil" into perfect Love. From the Messages from God: "If a couple
together keeps their focus on Me, they can shift easily to Love" "A Twin
Flame couple is focused together on Me, for where your focus is, so you
create; so you shall be. So ‘in this world' as the Twin Flames or
SoulMates come together, the initial focus is on each other. But then,
the opening of the heart this creates must be used to turn both people
to Me, together. A couple giving together, focused on Me is available
for Real Love, and the proof will be the feelings of ecstasy and the
expression all around them of the one truth of Love."
Remember, if you choose each morning together to see only Love and to be
only Love and strongly attune your hearts, you will experience only
ecstasy and joy together and all else will transform in the fires of
your Love. Affirm together that it is easy. Love is what you choose.
Remember that we've already "walked it back" for you and go for pure
Love, giving together to humanity and being a very important part of
lifting the world back to Love.

You may have had many experiences in your life that at the time seemed
negative, difficult or even traumatic. Now as you come together with
your Twin Flame you will understand these things in a whole new way.

Part of God's plan was for us to experience every aspect of human life,
and when we come together with our SoulMate, we then use our SoulMate
heart to bring every experience of anti-Love back to God, and thus to

So now you can see that everything you've been through, no matter how
difficult, has been for a reason. You will "walk it back" to God with
your Twin Flame , and with you will be "walked back" all similar
experiences on the planet by the law of resonance.


How Do You Know if You've Met Your Twin? 
Romantic Day by Jim Warren

Meeting the "other half of your soul" is generally so life changing and profound that this question is unnecessary.... you just know.
Twin souls will both recognize this extraordinary bond, whether
they are evolved and whole enough to acknowledge and act upon it
is another thing. Meeting with your twin soul brings about an internal
spiritual revolution, a deeper connection and understanding of the
Divine and the Universal Oneness, this is the greatest gift of knowing
your twin. Twin soul love is not to be confused with an obsessive/compulsive
disorder, it's not a desire to "possess" another, but
truly a challenge to love unconditionally and without expectation,
to be whole and complete within yourself before joining with the
other whole and complete side of your soul. The longing and desire
to be with your twin soul is intense, but through growth and perception
can be seen as the greater longing to join with the Divine, and
that is the true lesson, you are two halves of a much greater whole.

When you meet your twin, there will be no "game-playing" or manipulation, you will have the need to be transparently honest
in your relationship and communication with one another. If there
is karma from past lives to work out between you, it will be apparent
and consciously worked out. If you or your twin is committed to
another relationship, you will respect and honor that bond and realize
the tests of unconditional love. Meeting your twin soul challenges
you to grow spiritually, heal mentally, emotionally, physically,
and to see beyond time, ego, and physical limitations. You will
be driven with the desire to be the best manifestation of your soul
on earth. This is not a relationship of hearts and flowers, but
one that will be tested in fire and will endure beyond time and

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