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  • Osho

    142 members Latest Activity: Feb 2, 2016

    Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh), Indian mystic, guru and philosopher, founder of Rajneesh movement

  • The Awakening

    68 members Latest Activity: Sep 1, 2015 Online 2012 workshop. A place to send those you love who will soon be awakening to the Truth.

  • The Zeitgeist Movement

    44 members Latest Activity: Nov 20, 2012 The Zeitgeist Movement is not a political movement. It does not recognize nations, governments, races, religions, creeds or class. Outdated…

  • Spiritual Cinema

    391 members Latest Activity: Nov 20, 2018 Spiritual Cinema Group is a place where we can watch and share movies, documentaries, inspirational stories about spirituality and awakening...

  • Twin Flames

    150 members Latest Activity: Jan 13, 2015 Twin Souls, Twin Flames, Soul Mates , Divine Relationships...

  • Crystals and Gemstones

    83 members Latest Activity: Dec 21, 2014

  • Shekinah - Divine Mother Goddess

    105 members Latest Activity: Aug 1, 2013 SHEKINA Your Divine Mother Goddess As Shekina awakens, her gentle yet dynamic force brings female frequencies to you and your planet. The…

  • Wisdom Library

    295 members Latest Activity: Apr 13 Sacred Spiritual books, texts, scripts and new age literature...

  • What The Bleep Do We Know

    54 members Latest Activity: Jul 23, 2013 What the BLEEP Do We Know - Revolutionary cinematic blend of magnificient film, documentary, animation and comedy, while serving up a mind-jarring…

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