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Elif elisabeth's Blog – October 2008 Archive (10)

Magnetic Portals Connect Sun and Earth

Above: An artist's concept of Earth's magnetic field connecting to the sun's--a.k.a. a "flux transfer event"--with a spacecraft on hand to measure particles and fields.

A "magnetic portal" or FTE mapped in cross-section by NASA's fleet of THEMIS spacecraft.

Oct. 30, 2008: During the time it takes you to read this article, something will happen high overhead that until… Continue

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You Are Always Successful

You Are Always Successful

In everything you do, on every step of your journey you are always successful. Everything in your outer reality demonstrates the successful manifestation of your thoughts and beliefs and corresponds to your level of energetic vibration. To understand this remove yourself from the material definition of success which is having money, power and possessions. Release judgments and expectations and be in the present moment… Continue

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Health - How does it all go wrong?

Each of us is a complex individual whose health is influenced and affected by four major components:

•our structure - the muscles, joints, bones

•our 'chemical factory' - nutritional deficiencies; how our body handles the food we eat and converts it into essential chemicals, hormones etc.; elimination of toxins; allergic reactions etc.

•our thoughts / emotions - the… Continue

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The Many Names of Fear

The Many Names of Fear

Our spiritual journey has two aspects, healing and growth. The healing aspect involves resolving karma and our belief that we are separated from Source. The growth aspect can occur once we are able to heal any aspect of our karma, no matter how insignificant we believe it to be. This releases another level of separation and allows us to take one step closer to reconciling duality and reconnecting to Source. Our fears… Continue

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Pray Without Ceasing

Pray Without Ceasing

Prayer is your connection to Source, it is the way you step into the flow and move the energy in the direction of your desired manifestation. When you pray you are affirming your divinity, creating your reality and directing the Light into the path you set for it. You can pray with authority, for you are the co-creator of your reality and the world around you. You can pray with conviction, knowing that your prayers are always… Continue

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Ageless Indigos

Ageless Indigos

Indigo energy has a very youthful quality to it and if you have Indigo children or young adults, you know that they have a youthful appearance and way of thinking, which could sometimes be called immature. They seem to grow into their maturity at their own pace, often acting like teenagers when they are well into their twenties. Adult Indigos share this youthfulness and it is sometimes difficult to know how old they are because… Continue

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Our Fear Story

Our Fear Story

Our spiritual journey is undertaken to heal karma and our soul wounds to achieve another level of spiritual growth. We do this by identifying, facing and resolving fear, which is what created the karma that we carry in our soul's energetic imprint. On both an individual and collective level, it is the fear imprints that create chaos, disharmony and our perceived lack of connection to Source. Our fears can feel almost… Continue

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Arayışın Bittiği ‘An’

Tüm öğretileri dışarıda bıraktığında ‘sen’ var… Tüm yollar kapandığında orda olursun. Hiçbir yerde ve her yerde, zamansızlıkta olma hissi kaplar seni. Kocaman bembeyaz bir bulutun içerisinde eriyip kaybolursun, zaman ve sen kaybolur, karşıdaki sen olur. Var olan her şeyin bir ve bütün olduğu o anda sadece sevgi sözcükleri kulağına salınır… O en derinden geliveren: ‘‘Size sevgi verdim emek veresiniz diye…’’

Sen, sen olmanın,… Continue

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The World is Shifting

Uriel's Message -- The World is Shifting

As Lightworkers you have experienced the forces of the Shift in your lives for many years. Some of you have experienced enormous upheaval on financial and emotional levels, others have had health issues that have kept you hidden from the world for long periods. As you watched your life unravel you felt fear, confusion and wondered when your life would return to normal and when others would have to… Continue

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