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Elif elisabeth's Blog – December 2008 Archive (15)

Predictions for 2009

2008 is nearly over and what a challenging year it has been. Looking back through the past twelve months I can now see the clearing and transformations that occurred, how the shifts and portals have been working, where the new energies have been focused and how all of the pieces played together to bring us to this moment. Like many of you, at the time they were happening I was too busy processing the energy to be able to put the pieces together. This was a year of completion, closing doors,… Continue

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Kürke Hayır !! / No Fur

Kürkü bir kumaş gibi algılayıp, giysi tasarlayan “modacılar” hâlâ var. Koleksiyonlarında en yüksek fiyatlı ürünler arasında “kürklü” tasarımlara yer veren ünlü markalar ve firmalarsa… Continue

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The Ancient Vedic Scriptures

Mystery of Orion, Pleiades and DraconisThe ancient Vedic texts answer the "Orion" mystery of the Pyramids, the "Draconis" mystery of temples in Angkor, and the "Pleiades" mystery of the Mayan civilization. These texts contain more references concerning all these sacred constellations and deep sky objects than any other ancient manuscripts.

The Orion mystery of the Pyramids arises from the fact that the three Pyramids at Giza, located… Continue

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The joy of giving

The joy of giving

What a blessing it is on this Christmas Day, and every day, to be able to give. For it is through giving that life's greatest joys are created.

Sincerely give of yourself today, with no agenda other than to celebrate the pure spirit of giving. And truly experience life in all its richness.

When you give, you open your heart to life and allow great measures of abundance to come pouring in. What could… Continue

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What Do You Deny Yourself?

What Do You Deny Yourself?

Everything on the earth plane and in the world of spirit is yours. It is yours by divine right and is always available to you. It is not the nature of the Creator to deny, all abundance is a wellspring that you can draw from at any time. Are you aware of this wellspring? It depends on whether you are in denial, denying yourself these blessings or acceptance, acknowledging their presence and allowing them to flow… Continue

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KRYON / "The Incredible Human" November 2, 2008 Caracas, Venezuela

"The Incredible Human"

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

There would be those who would say I come in too quickly. They would say that the Human cannot support this kind of transition that fast. Those who have seen the process for years will say it should take longer. In this new energy, however, the invitation is open to have a 100 percent walk with God. For you, that means that when you go into meditation, you will instantly be able to call upon that power.… Continue

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A Giant Breach in Earth's Magnetic Field

Dec. 16, 2008: NASA's five THEMIS spacecraft have discovered a breach in Earth's magnetic field ten times larger than anything previously thought to exist. Solar wind can flow in through the opening to "load up" the magnetosphere for powerful geomagnetic storms. But the breach itself is not the biggest surprise. Researchers are even more amazed at the strange and unexpected way it forms, overturning long-held ideas of space… Continue

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Twin Flames / Crystalinks

Twin Flames

Your soul is consciousness or thought. We often perceive it as a creational flame, a light or a soul spark of light.

Physical reality is made of electromagnetic energy which has poles (north/south) - polarity - duality - opposites - male/female - yin/yang.

When you experiences in third dimension your soul sparks splits in half - male and female. One half remains in higher frequency [As is Above] while one… Continue

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Twin Flame Healing and Reconnection

Twin Flame Healing and Reconnection

by Jennifer Hoffman

Your soul contracts involve healing and closure, release from lifetimes of karma through forgiveness. When you engage in an experience whose purpose is to provide healing it is with someone with whom you have a strong soul connection. At this time this is experienced with twin flame relationships, souls you once incarnated with and separated from at the beginning of time and who… Continue

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Kurban Geleneği

Yavuz Çekirge

Kurban Geleneği

Kurbanın Kökeni

Bitkisel sunu" olan kutsal ‘ilk ürün’de (Turfanda) olduğu gibi, "hayvan kurban" sunumu da eski toplumun en gerçek ilişkilerini yansıtır.

Eski toplumda insan, giderek ‘insan kurbanı’ halini alacak olan başlangıçtaki yamyamlık geleneğinin dışına çıkabilme yollarını bulmaya çalışmış olmalıydı. Canlı ve ölü bireylerle ilgili olarak var olan ‘iç veya dış yamyamlık’… Continue

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The Truth of Your Knowing

The Truth of Your Knowing

When you limit your knowing to what you can see before you, your vision is limited to a small part of a vast reality that is available to you. Every limitation you experience is a small part of a much larger potential for your life. Everything you believe as truth, if based in the material world, is the reflection of your own knowing and not your spiritual truth. The truth of what you know is limited when you… Continue

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You come to us

from another world.

From beyond the stars

and void of space.

Transcendent, Pure,

Of unimaginable beauty,

Bringing with you

the essence of love.

You transform all

who are touched by you.

Mundane concerns,

troubles, and sorrows

dissolve in your presence,

Bringing joy

to ruler and ruled

To peasant and… Continue

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Dream and do

Dream and do

There's a time to dream, without effort or constraint. And there's a time to do the work that will bring those dreams to life in the real world.

Visualize your ideal life. In your thoughts, experience that life in rich detail through all of your senses.

Dream big, rich empowering dreams that resonate with your very core. Explore joyful and creative ways to express your own unique purpose.

Then get… Continue

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Believe From Your Heart

Believe From Your Heart

In times of trouble you want to believe that you are loved and supported, cared for and nurtured on all levels. You want to quiet the chatter of your mind when it reminds you of the disappointments of the past and the uncertainty of the future. But quieting the mind requires constant vigilance because the mind operates from the past. In order to truly believe that you are loved, that you are a miracle master, that… Continue

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