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The Many Names of Fear

Our spiritual journey has two aspects, healing and growth. The healing aspect involves resolving karma and our belief that we are separated from Source. The growth aspect can occur once we are able to heal any aspect of our karma, no matter how insignificant we believe it to be. This releases another level of separation and allows us to take one step closer to reconciling duality and reconnecting to Source. Our fears represent the learning tools on our spiritual journey but without understanding they can become the focus of our lifetime. When we understand the many names of our fears and the countless different aspects they take, we have clarity into the workings of our soul’s desire to heal and then the fearful unknown becomes a known quantity. This gives us direction and more importantly, it gives us a choice because we now know what we are afraid of and why.

We enter every lifetime with wounded souls on an energetic level and with each lifetime we task ourselves uncovering the source of these wounds and healing them. We do this through experiencing our fears. We can have many fears, conscious and unconscious, created in this lifetime or carried over from previous ones. We can even have fears of our fears and if we are not aware, our fears can come to control and direct every aspect of our life. While it is contrary to our spiritual nature to have fears, it is part of our material or worldly experience to have them. Our fears and what they have done to us, caused us to do to ourselves and to others, avoid or run from, run towards, change our life path, hold important keys to what we are thinking and doing in this lifetime.

Fear, as defined on a spiritual level, is not what we are afraid of, it is the result of an emotional trauma that was so painful, powerful and significant that we created a belief that we were disconnected from Source, that God had abandoned us. At that moment, the belief in separation, that we were less than our spiritual self, imperfect, undeserving and unlovable, was imprinted in our soul’s energetic template on the material plane. Because this is a challenge to spiritual law that states that we are perfect, divine beings, deserving of all good things and loved beyond measure, our soul undertakes a journey to help us heal that wound and bring us back into wholeness with our divine nature.

We are usually unable to clearly remember the lifetimes of emotional trauma we have experienced, they tend to be small, incoherent thoughts that stay in the back of our mind and come up occasionally. For example, someone who is afraid of open water has drowned or been lost at sea or even experienced the drowning death of a loved one. Someone who has a fear of heights may have been thrown from a cliff as a punishment or sacrifice, or been forced to jump from a cliff to their death to flee pursuers. Someone who is afraid of large animals such as lions may have had a lifetime in ancient Rome where they were forced to fight and were killed by one of these animals.

These parts of our past may seem so removed from our current reality that the scenarios described above may seem improbable, until we have an experience that fills us with a nameless dread that comes from a place that is so deep and unknown that we have no idea what to do with it, where it comes from or how to overcome it. When it is time for us to confront these fears something happens in our current reality to help them come charging to the forefront of our thoughts. When we panic, become highly emotional, feel ‘triggered’ by people or events is an important sign that we are connecting to an ancient fear. Unfortunately, without the ability to detach and assess the situation from a different perspective we go into our fears, act them out and our fears take control.

That doesn’t mean that someone who has a fear of heights should take up bungee jumping or the person who is afraid of lions get a job at the circus as a lion tamer. It does mean that we have to look at what is beyond the fear, the emotional wound that we experienced as a result of the trauma because this is what holds the secret to our fears. These emotional traumas can often include anger, at the loss of our life or that of someone we loved, at an unjust situation that we had no control over, at being powerless, shunned, destroyed financially or emotionally, physically abused, or because our life destroyed by a betrayal, an enemy or a friend. Anger that simmers for lifetimes can be very destructive, to us and to others, once it erupts in our life. And as part of our healing journey we must face this anger and release it. So we take a dark journey into our fears to uncover them.

And as we take this journey into fear we may become more confused. If what we are afraid of is not what we are really afraid of, then what are we afraid of and how do we find that out? To do that we have to look at the two aspects of our fears, the conscious and unconscious. Our conscious fears, those we are aware of, such as a fear of water, hold important information about our unconscious fears. It is our unconscious fears that feed our conscious fears. So every fear we have has two components, what we know we are afraid of, such as water, and what happened to create that fear, a past life emotional trauma involving water. These are simple examples but they are very important. When we tell the Universe that we want to move forward in our life and remove the blocks to our healing and transformation, we open the door to the allowing these fears to come forward, for they form the foundation of these blocks. In essence, we set ourselves up to bring our fears forward and the Universe helps us do that.

Faced with our fears we have another choice to make, what we will do with the fear in this lifetime. What we have done in the past we have already repeated, usually many times over. And each lifetime that is dedicated to healing this fear becomes another opportunity for healing. The emotional residue we leave behind us does not disappear, we simply carry it into our next lifetime. The choice is simple, to understand and overcome the fear so it can be healed. Or to remain its victim, live through its consequences and take up the lesson again in another lifetime.

Our choice is important because we will repeat the lesson if we cannot learn it, in this lifetime and in successive ones. And at this time Lightworkers have accepted this task, to release and heal fear, for ourselves and for the entire planet. By healing our fears we clear the energetic residue they have left in the planetary grids and help others heal similar fears. So what we choose is important. But we have to be ready to make a choice to face and heal our fears and if we are not ready or we have more things to learn from them or we are not in a place where forgiveness is an option, then we will simply repeat the lesson until we are in a place where we can do those things.

Whenever we are confronted with a situation that challenges us on an emotional level, where we feel powerless, helpless or out of control, we are meeting a fear. We can allow it free rein in our life or we can remember our task and know that we are powerful, divine spiritual beings who have come to heal ourselves and the world of fear, to end duality, to release humanity from the bondage of fear and bring heaven on earth where there is no fear and all can experience the expansive energy of unconditional love.

by Jennifer Hoffman

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