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3 to 5D: Victim to Victor

By Lauren Gorgo 

February 18, 2013


If January was a bear, then February served up the anti-Christ.

And even though I am definitely-maybe joking, there is ironically some truth behind that statement in the sense that for the last 15 days or so we have been pushed, pulled, dragged, and all but beaten into surrendering to our higher power, to the christ within us…even though it may have looked and felt like we were just going to die.  This is / was showing up as any and all areas of our lives that we are still playing victim to…those places within us where we have not completely claimed our creative power.  In retrospect, I think that “great expansion period” that the Pleiadian High Council was referring to in the last report was not at all the kind of expansion I was hoping for….it happened, but with a brick in thy face.

For me personally, the clarity of what was actually taking place didn’t of course come until after the torture, but the awareness started bubbling up all around me after posting a blog article 3 days ago called “Letting Off Steam…“.  That blog post, which at first I thought was just a spontaneous, self-indulgent, public display of apathy and disgust with the ascension path (read: myself), turned out to be a beautiful reflection of our collective projections in the sense that it really helped to dig up, expose, acknowledge, move through & release…in that order…huge chunks of our powerlessness.  Seeing my own words and then the responses from all the beautiful people in the Think With Your Heart community really kicked up a huge amount of clarity (at least for me) on the ways in which we (the royal we) need to claim our full power as creators of our universe.

(Random side note: Mark Twain once said… “Only kings, presidents, editors, and people with tapeworms have the right to use the editorial (royal) ‘we’.” How hilarious is that?)

Speaking of projections…every time I think I might be even remotely insightful, Stephanie Azaria trumps my thinking with some water clear comment that blows the doors off of my logic and opens me to a new world, a new paradigm of thought.  She said once in a weather report something to the effect of “in 3D, our outside world is a projection…in 5D, a reflection.”  Brilliant, right?  Of course it is..because in 3D we create our world through the filters of our unconscious aspects…projecting our unclaimed (shadow) aspects on our outer environment (people, places, things) so that we can SEE ourselves clearly / illuminate any darkness.  In 5D, where we are “lit” from within and cast no shadows…our world becomes a reflection of where, when and how we are (consciously) expressing our energy in the world.  In other words, in 5D we know and therefore can see ourselves in everything, in every-One, which gives us the absolute responsibility of taking responsibility for it all.  Victim to Victor.

And this is where we are right now.

We are working out some major core kinks…clearing, opening and refining what the unseens call our “power station”.  They are referring to our soular plexus in that we constantly broadcast signals from this “station” to  either attract or repel our wildest dreams, all based on the amount of personal power (read: responsibility) we are willing to claim for creating e.v.e.r.y. aspect of our lives.  This is what it means to become the nucleus of our world.  When WE become the center-point by which all of life rotates around, only then do we understand, in an experiential way, how everything in our world is just an extension of our creation.


“This is the year we stop saying ‘this is the year’…”

The above quote, compliments of the new year Michelob campaign slogan, came into my awareness directly after I posted that blog.  I walked (read:  moped) by the TV on my way to sulk in bed, heard those words and immediately knew that mockery was aimed at my inner-victim….those remaining parts of me still that were still refusing to be-lie-ve that I had any kind of control over my “process”, or better yet, the (3D) part of me that still thinks there has to be a process at all.

In that exact moment, my world shifted on its axis.  And even though the thought that I had been giving my power away to this “process” had occurred to me many times before, for many years…this time I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that it was no longer necessary to do this…(annoyingly, it probably never was)…that it is finally time for us to take ownership of every last particle of unconscious creation, step into our power fully and completely, and to start taking (small) actions toward that truth.

When I finally tapped into that power-point, the space around me suddenly filled with the sparkling essence of spirit.  Since my last 5D report I have been so steeped in the mire of my (3D) limitations that I had very little connection to my higher self and zero contact with my guides, so I knew I had passed GO when I started to feel my LOVE cup refilling.  The disconnection was absolute and probably literal hell…especially following the beautiful bliss that came via 12/21… but the stark contrast between empowerment (post 12/21) and powerlessness (post 2/1) was so helpful that I actually feel really grateful for it.  (not in a “I-want-to-do-that-again” kind of way, but in a “wow-I-survived” way)

When I finally got to the other side of that lesson…which, btw, felt the closest to death I have yet to experience…I tapped into the energy of spirit around me I was met with this message:

You have succeeded victor-iously in rearranging your choices to reflect your power in lieu of powerlessness!

My initial thought was…bastards!  Where the !@#% were you the last 2 weeks?  But ultimately I knew that these steps were mine to take…alone.  And that is the message for all of us…especially for those of you “unwinding” the 3D timeline from your fine cellves…the council wants us to know that it is absolutely “time” to stop subjugating our power in all ways, even and especially to “the universe”.


Taking Command

It’s time to fully realize, integrate and deeply accept that WE create the universe, not the other way around.  (Another round of props to Stephanie Azaria for diligently helping us all get to that truth which, in my opinion, she has been patiently holding for us to claim.)

What we are all being urged to look at, to really embrace during this potent time of embodying our Christed divinity is that WE are the creators of all things…everything “out there” is “in here”…even those things that suck, or that we honor as sucky. That very intense pocket of inner-darkness that the cosmos just highlighted for us came up strictly for the purpose of prying ourselves, literally by divine force, out of victimization and into victory. And the good news is that the Pleiadians said that for many, this is the final piece:

Now, we say this with such an overflowing heart that you cannot even conceive of our pride for you, of the victory that you have just attained…for yourselves yes, but for the entire human civilization.  This place within you that you are now acknowledging is the last piece of your personal power puzzle… that which was required for you to step fully into yourselves as divine beings of light.  - Pleiadian High Council

What we are now seemingly able to grasp…in a tangible way…that we couldn’t before is our ability and power to fully create our experience here…but ONLY when we claim this truth wholeHEARTedly for ourselves.  If you meet these words with resistance, realize that until and unless we deeply realize that it is no longer about what happens TO us, but beCAUSE of usa perspective shift that is absolutely, without exception, paramount to our 5D creations…we will grovel in 3D.  And I know, cuz I have my masters in groveling.

Each of us, without exception, will be tied up in the sticky web of our own mis-creations and dragged through every remaining projection of powerlessness…until we finally claim our full creative power.  The 3D story is over which means any remaining ickiness is being played out through habit…through making and acting on the same decisions over and again that we have made for eons.  Those decisions that insist, and therefore reinforce, that we are less than perfect, exactly as-is.

To change these mental loops from our old programming, we have to first know that we can now, then begin to shift our thinking, and even our actions in small steps to align with the new reality program.  And yes, WE have to put the wheels in motion…for those of you still waiting for the “the universe” to yield to you, remember...the universe is not responsible for us, we are responsible for IT.  Until we claim and empower ourselves with that truth, we remain victims to it.  We don’t have to “get it” all at once, or even be-lie-ve it…we just have to lean into it.  And I assure you, that with these new energetics, the SMALLEST gesture or thought of empowered creation is met with great support.  I know most of us are gun-shy since NOthing seemed to work for us for many years…but it’s up to us to notice that this has changed now.

This was reflected back to me so clearly by a beautiful and deeply wise member of the TWYH community, Kate Street…from  With Kate’s kind permission, here is a recent comment she left regarding the positive results she is beginning to glean from the new energies:

“I think we (me, anyway) tend to forget that we have some say in this. Instead of just making it clear how we choose to experience this transition, we feel ourselves to be at the mercy of the energy and these final stages of a certain process.”  I experienced a MAJOR shift when I stopped waiting to see what the energies were going to “do to me” and instead started COMMANDING the energies to do what I want!  YES, the energy WANTS to serve us!  Beautiful. ♥

How awesome is that?  And so accurate.  I talk about this a lot in Cell Speak™ because, according to the Seven Sisters of Pleiades, one of the most important reasons for transcribing that course and making it available to the world was to help those of us who are ascending into these higher energies to realize that we have to literally program the energies now because the 5th dimension is, by its very nature, neutral:

The physical makeup of the new-human template is one of energetic neutrality, which encourages mental & emotional stability and can withstand the “test of time”. It is a self-regulated, self-healing system, which continually adjusts and adapts to its surroundings, unless directed otherwise. – Seven Sisters

It was explained to me at the time that if we do not take command of our energy system in 5D…which we are fully in right now…through intentional programming, we become what the sisters call a “product of our environment”.  Meaning we remain in the state of un-manifest potential unless we program ourselves with specific & mindful intentions.  If we fail to consciously command our physical and non-physical being, we will simply acclimate to the frequencies available to us.  And who wants to do that during this time on the planet???

Conscious creation entails the command of LOVE through the sacred particle intelligence available to each of us, and that (LOVE) intelligence is directed now with our thoughts. Maintaining a 5th dimensional reality while existing in a 3rd dimensional world requires the understanding that we are completely responsible for our creations and that even our cells require our (mental) participation to function favorably. -Cell Speak™

This is so literal.  I am finding lately that sometimes I even have to “program” myself to sleep…that my body will just stay awake in “creative mode” unless I tell it otherwise. That I am having to remember to create every situation as I want it to be.

You will fall prey to energies that surround you lest you take conscious control of your bio-field, that which also governs the functions of your cells. – Seven Sisters

With the application of this awareness we can move into the realm of physical mastery and finally optimize the (new) human experience. The whole point of 5D is to create, according to our command…to invoke the universal forces of creation to manifest our will…not the will of “the universe” because in real reality, there is no such thing.  The universe is within each of… its all our (5D) reflection or (3D) projection.

It’s no longer about being victim to your creations, but decider, if you will.  The passage you just moved through illustrated this point so effectively. -Pleiadian High Council


The Next Steps

Ok, so…what now?  A of couple things I’m hearing is that from now until the equinox we will continue to be encouraged, supported (read: forced) to take full responsibility for any and all pockets of victimization left in our lives and body system.  No exceptions. And this includes our “ascension story”.  We can’t be free of the ascension process if we’re still focused on the story of it, and I am getting plenty of nudges that we can now effectively shift the momentum of our thoughts beyond ascending and onto the “what do we want to create in this new energy” phase.  Our bodies are still catching up, yes…at least that’s how we are perceiving this passage of “time”…but I’m getting the feeling that the speed by which this cellular process happens has a lot to do with where are thoughts are.  Besides, if the next phase is all about physical (co)creation, then that’s where our thoughts need to be right now to magnetize this reality toward us.

The council has plenty to say on this in the next section, but if you need practical tips my suggestion is to lean into making different (mundane) choices. One thing that I have started practicing that seems to be working to get the new momentum moving is to say “yes” to things I usually say “no” to…even when it doesn’t exactly feel good yet (fake it till you make it type of thing..which, btw, NEVER worked for me until now). I have been starting small but saying “yes” to those things that I’ve resisted while “on this journey” or that have felt impossible over the years to partake in (like washing my hair).  I have been noticing that these things are not really impossible anymore…but I was still be-lie-ving that they were, so I’ve been staying stuck in annoying ruts and ignoring the nudges that what I desire IS actually becoming possible, IF I add energy to my desires and not my fears.

If it helps, keep a journal of all things you unconsciously or habitually say “no” to…then one by one, try on the opposite and see how it fits.  If nothing else, you will gain great clarity around how you are holding yourself back.  My list of “ascension related limitations” is longer than I was prepared to see, but it was definitely sobering and a necessary jumping off point.  And yeah, your inner-victim may try to convince you that “you have more work to do” or that there are still too many “outside” reasons or forces that are preventing you from accessing and creating your Utopia…blagh, blagh, blagh…so be prepared to call bullshit on all of it, make and uphold new choices anyway.  You’ll find that each baby step you take, even if it feels too safe, will lead you to the next, until eventually you find that you are full-on creating like the witches and warlocks we all are.  As uncomfortable as it can be to move out of any comfort zone, hands down there is NOthing more uncomfortable than staying trapped within it.

In my own life, I call this “cart-before-the-horse creation” where you begin taking small action toward your unmanifested desire until it manifests.  And it takes courage, discipline, focus and commitment to create this way, but remember, in 5D we create out of thin air, from the unmanifest potential…we don’t wait for the proof of what’s possible, we create what’s possible.  And all this is possible now….save for a few biological nips and tucks still on the way to us.  As of 12/21, the magical energies are here for us to PLAY with, but as always, it’s not a passive endeavor, and who would want it to be?  The whole point to this journey is to experience ourselves at this new level of attainment, and have FUN with it.  You remember what fun is, right?

For those of you, like me, who may need a reminder:

fun |fən| noun   

       enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure

Speaking of fun…I love that Kate Street, who I sited previously, calls this same process “Opposite George”:

Be “Opposite George!” (Seinfeld reference) THAT is the key!  Saying YES when we would have said no (due to fear) in the past and saying NO when we would have said yes (due to fear) in the past.  I read once recently that we have to create new neural pathways in our brains to access the new information - simple things like brushing your teeth with the non-dominant hand and taking a different route to the grocery store can easily create those places. Yes! Be Opposite George and ignore the very instincts that keep us in fear and let the expansion begin!

If, however, you feel you cannot get up from under the gravity of 3D yet, then let it first take you down…alllll the way down. But surrender to it consciously knowing that you are walking through the doorway to your new life, and I promise there IS a bottom.  When you hit it, you will know because it will feel like death, where there is absolutely no joy or reason to stay here, no connection to anything in or of this word and that NOthing within your grasp that could keep you on this planet.  Once you accept and surrender to that too, and willingly lose your (3D) self to the void, you are free.  It’s not exactly all rainbows and butterflies after that moment, but there is a stability, a growing certainty that definitely takes hold and with that comes the ability to start making new choices.

This transition we are so deeply immersed in is not about losing faith or coming to a decision yet about where we are…it is about being fearless enough to flow with what-is while allowing the “process” to complete itself.  There will be more pitfalls, sure…but we will be safeguarded in a space of LOVE to endure them.  The old earth is no longer our playground, but if we have unfinished (3D) business to tend to, we have to hop to it.  Following the completion of those old contracts, we are free to navigate the 5D waters.

In my experience, all suffering is resistance…to bottoming out.  We are so afraid to hit bottom that we prolong the agony when really all that’s happening is we are severing all co-dependency on external sources of joy so that we only derive that Source of sustenance from within ourselves. And I am sure those of you reading this have already noticed that there is simply no joy to be had in anything outside of yourselves anyway…so why wait?  In 5D, time is an illusion, there’s nothing to “wait” for here….but ourselves.  It’s about finding the courage to let yourself fall (read: feel) into the abyss (that’s where we go to create everything anyway) and rip that damn Band-Aid off that old core wound once and for all.

For those who are done with the heavy lifting, I’m also hearing that the time between now and the equinox will be more of just a preparation period…the image they give is of preparing for a new child to be born, brought home for the first time, and the need to get everything arranged, set, structured, simplified and in order so that when baby comes we can be organized enough to spend all our time with its preciousness.


A Special Message from the Pleiadian High Council & the Spiritual Hierarchy

Lastly, and I barely do this anymore, the Pleiadian High Council has asked that I offer this transmission directly to you, without my human-interpretations, so that you can receive the unfiltered frequencies that are encoded within their message:

“So now, here you sit at this new point in time and space, at this new level of awareness which will recreate everything about your reality, and we say to you emphatically, for the second to the last time…Welcome home dear brothers and sisters!

You see, what was always your reality is only now being revealed to you in a way that you can embrace it because it is at this level of awareness that you are able to clearly understand, to grasp within your hands, that you create everything, all of it…including the universe, the cosmos, the sun, the moon, the stars….yes, yes…all YOUR collective creations!  How does that feel when you try it on for size?  Is it a comfortable fit yet?  Comfortable to honor that level of creative power within?

We have said to you in past reports that indeed you will waver in and out of 5D consciousness, that you will realize that you are in 5D each and every time you are acutely aware that YOU create everything.  Well, guess what?  Now you are HERE…in the here and NOW.  Do you feel the profundity in that?

So now we ask you…what will you create now that you are fully here and NOW in the HERE and now?  How will your creations differ with this new knowledge embedded in your being, in your actual flesh and blood?  Will you create a world that is less than this understanding?  Will you create a world that is on par with this understanding?  Or will you create a world that is perhaps, even bigger than this understanding?

We ask because ultimately it is and always has been YOUR choice, your creation.  But now…yes, now you know this.  Now you have a felt-sense of this.

Whats more, you are all in a position of great authority now.  Authority over your lives, the lives of others to some extent, and even authority over your world.

Let us briefly explain….

When we say you are in a position of authority, we mean this by divine decree and as a result of your inner-capability to see, to embrace, and to live by truth.  This ability, when acted out of LOVE, has the literal, alchemical capability to yield to your command.  This is not some new age platitude, but by divine virtue, the truth of the physics, the mechanics of your universe at this level.

Now, we say this not to elicit a sense of superiority, by any means…for that would only elicit an inferiority to the God within you.  Clearly that separation cannot be upheld here.  What we ARE saying is that many of you are now in a divine position to claim use of the sacred particle…the adamantine, or God particle.  As you come into divine authority, you not only create your world by command of the universal forces, that of adamantine essence…but you also, by divine decree, order the laws of the universe toward your will.

As of the coming equinox, each of you who are prepared and have attained this level of divine creation will, in fact, release yourSELVES from dross.  Once you have aligned yourself fully with the energetics of conscious (5D) versus causal (3D) creation, you will then proceed to create your world according to your desires instead of your fears.

This new level creation of course requires a level of responsibility, of discernment, but only those of pure heart will have the ability to activate the full capabilities of the divine Source particle of light.

Now, in saying this, we also bring forth the understanding that those of you who are coming into alignment with your divinity, embodying the essence of the most radiant aspect, your Christed self, and in turn aligning with your Christed visions for the world, please know that for you, this time is one of great release, of shedding your old skins, of letting go of heaviness.  You are learning how to apply the forces of creation in your favor now, and this, star friends, this is your moment to free yourselves from any remaining entanglements.  To that end, we walk with you.

That said, know that even though the world will appear to be brighter to you, you will notice that there is in fact great darkness that will erupt as a result of your light.  In actuality, you are, by your lighted nature, resolving…rather enlightening others to their unconscious aspects, their darkness…you are illuminating their shadows of limitation and this, as you know well, is not a comfortable experience.  To this we add…be not afraid to elicit this darkness in others.  In fact, delight in it.  Take spiritual pride in your ability to release this pain, this heaviness, this burden from others, for surely they would want and do the same for you if they knew.

We are not insisting that you go out into the world for the purpose of this, no…but rather just know, just keep the awareness within you at all times that you hold the capacity to transmute darkness with your every step, with your every word, with your every embrace.  This is who you are, not what you do.  Do you see the difference chelas?  (grinning) We laugh because certainly, you are chelas no longer.

Lastly, light friends, light beings, light family…we bring to you the great blessing of eternal joy.  The joy that will become you IS you.  It is the aspect of you that you have been working to embrace for so long…for indeed beloved ones, THIS is the carrot you have been chasing all along!…the sweetness of the carrot…(laughing)…the sweetness that drives you has always been YOU.

There is a LOVE energy that far exceeds anything that you could possibly imagine on this planet, and it exists within you now, in your flesh and in your bones.  This essence, this divine radiance, this magnificence is all YOU and it is beginning to undulate through your physical body in palpable ways.  This is what you have striven for.  This is the energy of grace.  It is the part of you that takes such delight in being human…the childlike part of you that is so exuberant with the ability to joyously create, to express, to experience being.  Just being.  Creating.  Just creating.  Loving.  Just loving.

All of this is here and NOW in the HERE and now!  It has always been so, but the excitement in this next passage is that YOU have been creating it the whole time, creating the journey itself to remembering what you ALWAYS KNEW to be TRUE. (laughing)

Isn’t this delightful?  Isn’t this grand?

Beloved counterparts…each of you who resonates in entirety with these words, with the words that we delightfully deliver to you through our beloved and committed transmitter, our Pleiadian star sister, the mouthpiece for such heavenly truths, we say this to you…what world do you wish to live in now?  These are the thoughts you must begin to put to paper…(smiling)…in your vernacular.  These are the first words that will be spoken to the universe of your conscious creations.  Make them count, we say!  Now is not a time to think small, but to dream bigger than even your dreams will allow.  Surely it is time to crack the mold, yes?

Now is the time to begin re-scripting your life…yes, we feel the worry that you have run out of “time”, but this is not so.  Still there is time to create all that this new life has in store for you but you must begin asking yourselves earnestly…what is it that you desire now?  Because again, we remind you that this is why you created the universe to begin with…to yield to YOUR creations, your command!  We have heard your prayers for better and for more, for relief and for abundance, for freedom and for love…but keep in mind that you define everything.  What do those very things mean to you now?

As well, we wish to bring to your attention that many new spiritual gifts are awakening within you…there is an opening to the overlay of your christed divinity that is soon to deliver the many refined gifts of exaltation.

We bring this to your attention with the intention of helping you to understand that these new gifts are designed to assist each of you with your new creations.  Come the equinox there is a period following, some three months of practice before you that will indeed enable you to unleash your alchemy onto your personal world…before you bring these gifts to others in service.

We ask that you use this time to bring your outer world into alignment with your divine radiance…to reflect as much as possible the truth of your authentic self in all that are and do.  Use this passage to prepare to bring yourself into the world with your divinity in tact, your armor dismantled and your self-serving LOVE to share with those close to you.  Only after you are self-sustained…filled, refueled with the light of your own divinity…only then should you share this radiance with others in a worldly way.

Be astute in your dealings beloved ones, for we are but your chosen allies for this next leg of your journey, but the choices you make are fully your own.  We are self-appointed by our LOVE for you, the warriors of many star nations who came to serve as the forerunners for a new humanity.

Above all, we ask that you bring the most joy you can muster to your own life first, to fill yourselves and your homes with the energy of HOME.  Then, as you gain command of your physical life and all the magic and miracles that you yourself have willed unto you, then you will feel from deep within you, obliged to share this fullness with the world.  You are already in touch with this truth.

Take these next moments to bask in the radiance of LOVE, to claim your God-given birthrights, and to show, by living example, what the true meaning of “the risen Christ” really is.  A world unknown beckons you, be not afraid.

We are the Pleiadian High Council and we deliver this message as appointed by the Spiritual Hierarchy in the House of the Christ.  We await your emergence!”

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