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August 2017 New Energy Update August 2, 2017

August 2017 New Energy Update August 2, 2017

with Serapis Bey

Rebecca Dowson

Greetings to you Blessed ones, you are with us. We are most delighted that you are here, because you are about to jump! What happens when you are about to jump? You start to warm up a little bit, you start to stretch, and you start to see what your bodies can really do. You are moving into a time where you no longer require safety, and you no longer require the reassurance of consistency and predictability that you have known. It is easy for you to understand that there is reassurance in your externalised structures. There is reassurance in how the world is moving, how your income is coming to you (for most of you), there is reassurance in that you know that the sun will come up every day. However we say unto you that your internal systems are letting go of structure and they are letting go of predictability and assurance. You are experiencing at this time a loss of that kind of security within your own systems. The nervous system in particular at this time is disengaging from the security of the brain’s memory and referencing. Now what do we mean by this? The nervous system will typically refer information back to the brain so that you can be aware of what it is sensing. The nervous system does not tell you what it is sensing - the brain tells you what it is sensing. So whatever your sensorial perceptions are, they must run through the mind-brain system in order for you to know what is occurring. And so this in itself is a reassuring and stable internalised system where everything is checked. If you sense something and your mind-brain doesn’t know what it is, it produces fear in you. For example if you hear a noise in the night and you can’t identify it, then there is fear. If you walk into a dark room and you feel something that you don’t expect to be there, then the mind-brain responds immediately with fear because it cannot reference it from its storage of knowledge. So what is happening? Your nervous system is starting to remove some of its connections so that it can bypass the mind-brain for its information. Your sensorial system and nervous system is starting to become independent from the mind-brain matrix. It is becoming independent so that what you experience through your nervous system can supersede what the mind-brain knows. So that you can start to have direct sensorial experience that goes beyond what is known and beyond the 3rd dimension. This means that you can sense something and have an understanding of what it is without the fear and without the mind-brain minimising, compartmentalising and simplifying that experience for you. Now you can have now direct multi-dimensional view. When your nervous system is sensing something and it is not needing to go through the mind-brain matrix you are less likely to experience fear. Because with the cosmic mind there is nothing it doesn’t know. So if you sense something and you don’t know what it is, and it is bypassing the mind-brain matrix instead of going through it, then there is no fear and you are more interested in exploring the unknown rather than “there is fear, there is danger, we don’t know what this is.” You are likely to be feeling this in the upper part of the nervous and spinal system, across the neck and across the upper shoulders. For many of you it feels that all of the support has been pulled out of there. Almost as if there has been a surrogate nervous system (listen to our words carefully) that has been embedded into your fields - the surrogate nervous system that connects your sensory capacities with the mind-brain. When this starts to become removed you feel as if there is no support there, but it is opening you up to be able to experience more without the relay to the mind-brain that induces fear for the unknown. It is going take some time for the muscular-skeletal structure to start to readjust to not having that surrogate nervous system there, because it has very much fortified you and decreased your flexibility. So even though some of you are feeling that the muscles are contracting in that area, they are contracting as compensation because they are used to something holding it together energetically. Eventually you will find that you will have a lot more fluidity in this area than you have had before. How long is that going to take? It is occurring at this time and it is likely to continue for the next four months, but it is nothing that you need to be concerning yourselves with. You can instead pay attention to what you are sensing rather than how uncomfortable you are. You will notice that a lot of this feeling of “lack of support” around the neck and shoulders means that many of you are tossing and turning at night when you are trying to sleep, because you can’t find a place where your neck and back feel supported. There is an advantage to this because when you are awake you are going to be sensing more. So instead of troubling yourself that you cannot find a comfortable position and go into your slumber use those moments to say “What am I sensing?” Notice in those moments how acute your hearing is, how acute your senses are. What can you sense beyond the boundaries of your own room, what can you feel that is happening out there, what understandings are emerging from within you about time and space? It is a very exciting time for you! You are being released from a nervous system structure that has meant that all of your referencing has come from the mind-brain. So you can enjoy it if you wish. So lots of discomfort but only because it is like learning how to walk again. We would say that you are rehabilitating: you are being rehabilitated into the New Energy and rehabilitated into the New Earth, so you must learn how to be with it. This is nothing about needing repair, because you don’t want to put back that which you don’t require any longer. You want to learn how to live without it. A lot of people are currently experiencing stomach problems such as vomiting. Is that related? That is a secondary effect based upon the fact that once the connection from the mind-brain to the senses is interrupted, the body can no longer maintain certain memories of fear, or certain memories of trauma, so there is a mass detoxification. This is because the mind-brain is not there to continually reinforce it, because the mind-brain will continue to reinforce trauma even when it is at a subconscious level. Even if it is not conscious to you, the mind-brain continues to reinforce because the mind-brain is cyclical in its operation and therefore it continues to maintain it even if you are not aware of it. When the connection between your light-nervous system is not relying on the surrogate nervous system to connect with the mind-brain there is no longer a cyclical connection that keeps occurring. Therefore if the connection is broken the release occurs. So there are many who are experiencing this nausea. There have even been sensations as if the Earth is dropping away from underneath you like a sense of falling. Again, this is the sensory experience of not having the reference point anymore because in essence your energy fields don’t experience gravity so your senses don’t experience gravity. The only reason you experience gravity is because your senses have been feeding through a nervous system that goes directly to what the mind-brain knows is true, and the mind-brain is wired for 3rd dimensional reasoning and logic, therefore it will arrange things spatially within your awareness so that there is gravity. But the reality of you is that you are not subject to gravity. So during this period you will start to feel changes in where you feel the ground is beneath your feet. Quite a few will be experiencing vertigo, because you are starting to sense life externally from your senses. Your senses are not subject to 3rd dimensionality, but your mind-brain has made it so. You can play with it, and it doesn’t mean you are losing your mind. You are just losing your connection to the mind-brain. Start to involve your senses more consciously in your daily experience. You are truly having a multi-dimensional sensorial experience and this is the beginning of you surpassing the limitations of your 3rd dimensionality.


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