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Bodhisattva Prayer/Song of Compassion The focus this Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bodhisattva Prayer/Song of Compassion

If you feel that this resonates within you, and if you feel that this kind of meditation is something you would like to participate in, you are cordially invited to connect in consciousness on
Sundays for 10 to 15 minutes, just holding the vision/intention stated below in
your heart for all humanity.

The focus this Sunday, April 4, 2010:

The Joy of Being Alive May all human beings feel the lightness, magic and easiness of living in the new Energy Now.

May all human beings shed the small minded boxes in their minds and open to new perspectives of a life much grander and more fulfilling than they could ever imagine and dream of.

May all human beings know that everything is possible and that Life is meant to be lived as a vibrant, unrestricted adventure in total freedom and beauty.

May all human beings rejoice in the liberty and the gifts of Life and may they realize that they are meant to have it all.

May all human beings acknowledge their true purpose and answer the call of reclaiming the only true Reality so that Life’s reflection appears for them as Exuberance, Ecstasy, Love and Paradise on Earth.

Before entering the bodhisattva prayer, you may say the following invocation here below and ask Mother/Father God to guide your meditation and feelings for the highest good of all concerned. You may also ask the bodhisattva prayer angels, the grid angels and the angels of illumination to join you and to use your feelings, thoughts and being for assisting humanity and Mother Earth.

We align with the Divine presence of Mother/Father God, the bodhisattva prayer angels, the grid angels, the angels of illumination, the angels of magnetic service, and we call upon all the Divine Beings of the Light who wish to be present with us here today. We align with Archangel Michael and all the Ascended Masters of the Light, the Angels and the Archangels of the Light and all of their feminine counterparts. We align with Saint Germain, Lord Maitreya, Lord Metatron and Lord Melchizedek asking for their Divine protection on all levels and through all dimensions as we open our energy to receive and welcome into this space all the magnificent beings of the Light who are connected to, and who work with each of us here today. We intend for our energy to be Divinely aligned and held within the core presence of Father/Mother God as we invoke each beings fully mastered and Christed Self of the Light. We call upon Archangel Metatron and our personal masters
of the light asking them to manifest a powerful coning of protection and healing around each being individually and around our group, ensuring that only those vibrations, information and presences that embody the highest levels of truth, wisdom, love and knowledge be permitted to be a part of this space now, today and all times. May all that is shared with us be in accordance with the highest will of every being present and may this be in Divine harmony with the higher plan of Mother Earth and the highest Divine blueprint. May this manifest for us now. And so it is, and so it is, and so it is.

Please feel free to invite any being or angel you work with or wish to have present at this gathering.

Let then the meditation unfold without pushing or heading for a certain outcome. Relax and let Mother/Father God and the angels guide you. Focus on the feeling.

The focus is on the flowing feelings from the heart which we generate while focusing on the topic.

At the end, give thanks to Mother/Father God and all beings involved for their love and for trusting you and working with you.

These moments are orchestrated by our Mother/Father God, the Infinite Source, who sends divine white golden light to us, through our bodies. The beloved bodhisattva prayer angels and the grid angels direct the prayer energy into Mother Earth’s grids for the benefit of all sentient beings on Earth making the blessings available for all. In this holy act of service, very sacred energies unfold. See the intention as already accomplished and only focus on seeing and feeling Paradise on Earth as a reality right now.

This meditation serves the well-being and the upliftment of all sentient beings.When entered into with strong feelings from the heart, it is the most powerful force in the universe, for it is direct communication with the Divine.

This meditation permits the positive energies of the universe to bring the good back into the lives of all humanity. The feelings which are generated for the vision on which we meditate are most important. It is pure love directly transmitted to the whole world.

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