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Creating Balance in Love

Our ascension path is both ending and beginning as we move from polarity to balance. We accomplish this work in two different avenues, by seeking reconnection to Source and closure with the energies we have come to complete. We do both by trying to find balance between what we feel emotionally and what we know spiritually, balancing our memories of the past and their application in the present. Above all else, we want to find love and we will get it any way we can, and we get revenge by hurting ourselves to prove that we are worthy of love.

Our search for balance includes our desire for love, where our outer reality mirrors the love we want. We can attain that when we have love within but that is not how we try to get love from the world. Instead, we try to manipulate others into loving us by showing them how much their behavior has damaged us and so we demand love by putting ourselves into situations that invite them to give us the love we want. But they have already given us all the love they have and there is no more for them to give us.

How many opportunities do we give someone to love us? As many as it takes and if they won't then we find others like them and ask them to meet our need for love. This need is reflected in every choice we make because we are looking for balance through validation from others to fill the emptiness we feel within. When we stay within the energy of our pain and hurt we are a magnet for everyone at that vibration. Once we can detach from our pain we lose the "love me or else" attitude and step into a higher vibration, where we can create balance and release our pain and its accompanying need for revenge.

Is there an area of your life where you are seeking revenge by making yourself powerless and helpless so others can validate you with their love? Do you have an empty love center that you are trying to have others fill? What kind of imbalance is this creating in your life and how are you sabotaging yourself to get others to see how much you need their love? You can have all the love you want in your outer reality by remembering that it must first come from your inner reality. Then others will love you because they are attracted to the love you radiate and will love you in return.

Jennifer Hoffman

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