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I was born in Istanbul on 14th of may 1981. I’d grown up in Burgazada. When I was 13, I started to research and received an education about Personal Development, Human Psychology and Spiritual Sciences. I had been focusing on Meditation and Spiritual Disciplines. I had been studying and researching on Nlp, Eft, The Subconscious, Mind Maps, Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy, Metaphysics and Spirituality.

I went to study at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem at Psychology Department in 1999. After 1 year studying I resigned from the University and I went to a journey to Thailand at South-east Asia. I taught English at Primary Schools in Thailand. I attended many different Spiritual Workshops , travel nearly all countries around Thailand and I received an education about Alternative Medicine till 2003 at South-east Asia. This Journey continued about more than 3 years. Amazing nature of Thailand and South-east Asia ; all the things that I learned there influenced and changed me deeply.

  I developed my own therapy method by uniting Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy, Spiritual Anatomy and Energy Medicine.

I’ve started to do 1 on 1 Therapy Sessions with my clients in these years.

I finished my Obligatory Army Service at Turkey in 2004-2005.

I attended to my first Vipassana Meditation Retreat at Aladağlar-Turkey in 2005.

I got IATA UFTAA diploma in 2005. 

I’ve discovered Transformation Game (Group Psychotherapy) in 2006.

I graduated from Ankara Bilkent University Tourism and Hotel Management Department on may 2008.

My journey with I Ching - The Book of Changes had started in 2008.

I had created a web site ; with the intention of sharing clean and health knowledge about ; what is healthy, balanced and real Human Psychology in 2008. We have monthly broadcasts both Turkish and English languages.

I had been continued my research and studies about Spiritual Anatomy and Energy Medicine and attended many different practices about mind, matter and soul.

I become a Reiki Master and had started to gave Seminars, Workshops and Meditation Courses at Psychological Counseling Centers, at Yoga and Meditation Centers in 2009.

I had been focused on Energetic and Psychic Space Cleansing research and studies in 2010.

Between 2011-2015 ; I had been continued and focused on 1 on 1 Therapy Sessions with my all summation.

I returned back to Thailand about 6 month and attended to a Vipassana Meditation Retreat 10th time in 2015-2016.

I have deep interest about Self Sustainability, Permaculture and Organic Farming. For this purpose I move to a mountain side village house and a land near Fethiye-Saklıkent in 2016.

We are living here with more than 100 beloved tree friends in our land.

I started to learn how to take care the land and attuned with all the seasons. We created our own natural (non-gmo) seed bank here. I learned how to take care the fruit trees and planted new species each year. We started to grow our own natural and healthy vegetables.

Right now I’m continuing to do One on One Therapy Sessions, Group Therapies and Retreats here at our Sangha and Centers around Fethiye, Antalya, Marmaris and Bodrum.

I’m doing all my therapies in both Turkish and English languages.

For the ones who are physically far from here, we do our therapies by video conferencing.

After 25 years of research and studying ; I’m theorizing my thesis about Human Psychology and name it as Metapsychology.

Metapsychology is a science and scientific study of knowledge which ; connects all aspects of real Human Psychology and which ; looks at human as a a whole being. We come into this existance with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

For creating the balance, union and health between mind and the heart ; the one has to be aware about the whole picture about his/herself. Otherwise the whole picture about Human Psychology can not be seen. Workaround and Jury rigging is not the aim of the Science of Psychology. We have to dig deep and go into roots of the problem ; to clean, to solve and to be healed. To transform the problem into a solution in Human Psychology a Metapsychological way of look and understanding is the real cure. This is inevitable for the future of Healthy Human Societies and for the future of the Science of Psychology.

I’m continuing to write a book about Metapsychology.

My Profession and Function ;

I’m doing professionally Metapsychology based Therapies and 1 on 1 Counseling Sessions for  15 years.

 I’m doing Woman and Man Relationship Therapies and Family Counseling.

I’m doing Courses, Seminars, and Workshops about many different subjects related with Human Psychology, Soul Anatomy, Metaphysics.  

I’m teaching Meditation and doing Meditation Retreats.

I’m doing Healing Sessions based on Energy Medicine.

I’m doing Energetic and Psychic Space Cleansing Sessions for houses, for working places and for all kinds of areas.

I’m doing I Ching Courses and I Ching Sessions.

I’m doing Transformation Workshops.


Loving you all, with peace.


David Doğan Beyo


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