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Floating or Swimming Against the Tide?

Floating or Swimming Against the Tide?
It seems like the world is falling apart right now. So many different things are happening that are eroding our beliefs in humanity. As we learn more about what goes on in the world, politics, economics and with people in general, it can be hard to not spend the day being angry, depressed and sad. How could things be so wrong and will we ever feel safe and secure again? Were we ever safe and secure or were we just living an illusion that we are now awakening from? Have we all been floating in a sea of ignorance and how can we change direction?

Many years ago I was on vacation at the beach with my family and got into a small rubber life raft with some other kids. Because there were so many of us we didn't have room for the oars so we left them at the beach. We were laughing and talking, not realizing that the current was taking us out to sea. When we saw the buoys we knew that we were in trouble. The lifeguards had to come in their boat and bring us back to shore. Even if we had the oars, going against the current would have been difficult. What we should have done is had someone stand in the water and hold the boat-but everyone wanted to be in the boat, where the fun was. No one wanted to hold the boat so it did not float out to sea with the tide.

As we go through our lives focused on our material existence we forget about manifestation and creating the world. Instead, we let the world create itself and it does, aligning itself with the most dominant energies and everyone flows along with whatever is created. If those energies are loving and compassionate the world reflects that. If they are greedy, selfish, manipulative and controlling, that is what we see in the world. We are aware of the problem when we become uncomfortable. How do we change it?

We can be angry with the world but that will only add to the energies that have created the situation. Instead we can focus our energies on what we want to create, to add a spark of light to the currents of darkness that everyone has been mindlessly floating in. To move forward we begin by holding our own boat so it does not float with the tide. That's a lonely place to be as we are watching everyone else floating by us. But then we create enough momentum so we are supported in our efforts. How much of your time and energy do you spend being angry with the world? What can you do to go against whatever current is taking you in its direction and start going against the tide?

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