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Give Yourself Gifts and Blessings a message from Jennifer Hoffman

Give Yourself Gifts and Blessings

Jennifer Hoffman
a message from Jennifer Hoffman


The spirit minded are also the open hearted, those who are aware of the pain, disconnection, and suffering of others. And it is your natural tendency to want to relieve their suffering by blessing them in some way. So you give them light, love, support, truth, grace, energy, and time to help them. You bless them with your beliefs, faith, and heart because you know their suffering and you want to prevent them from experiencing it. But you cannot change another’s path, even with your generous blessings and gifts, they must make their own choices and you often share gifts and blessings with others that you do not give to yourself. Can you give yourself some gifts and blessings to brighten your own life and release your suffering to create joy?

Do you know that the pain and suffering you see in others are mirrors of your own heartbreak, your suffering, your feelings of being alone and disconnected, and where think your own light has been dimmed? Your desire to end this for them may be a reflection of your belief that you cannot change your path but you can change theirs. The joy you can create in  others becomes a source of comfort for you. Even when you continue to suffer, there is joy in the knowledge that you have blessed someone’s life. But without focusing on your own needs and blessing yourself with the gifts you give to others, you cannot end your suffering and pain and know the joy your own heart seeks.

Bless yourself before you bless others. Acknowledge your own needs, create the path to end your suffering and release your pain. These are not a punishment from the universe, they are your soul’s mission to return to wholeness and integrity. The healing path is completed through alignment with  new potentials and awareness of the presence of divine grace, these are not gifts you can give to someone and they are not blessings you can share. Your self gifts create the healing for you, which becomes a mirror to others. Through your joy you bless others with the knowledge that healing is possible and true joy can be achieved.

It is the season for gifts and blessings, so bless yourself first. Give yourself the gift of peace, love, joy, abundance, prosperity, and light. Bless yourself with the blessings you wish for others. Then you become a source of the truth of healing and wholeness for others and they can learn how to bless themselves. Avoid serving others pain by being their source for healing. Instead, serve yourself by releasing your pain and you become a source of inspired truth that will bless them when they also  learn to bless themselves.

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