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Goddess Ch’ang O
by Daughter RavynStar

Painting in the Dunhuang Series by Zeng Hao
Ch'ang O's themes are the moon, relationships, purity, devotion, instinct,
growth and manifestation. Her symbols all lunar symbols or items. This
Chinese moon Goddess is stunningly beautiful, shining on our lives with all
the best energies of the moon. On this day, Her birthday, She reaches out to
embrace the earth and its people, inspiring pure, devoted relationships,
stirring long-forgotten insights and sharing energy for growth and
manifestation in nearly any area of our lives.
Celebrating the Birthday of the Moon is in honor of the moon Goddess and is
a national event in China; the traditions are easily adapted to our efforts.
Begin by gathering with family or friends and exchanging moon gifts
(anything that represents the moon and meets a magical need for the person
to whom it's intended). After the gift exchange, enjoy some moon-shaped
cookies or cakes, as well as other foods that invoke Ch'ango's favor, like
dumplings shaped like a crescent moon (dim sum) and grapefruit slices.
Don't forget to go moon gazing (if the weather is poor, use a poster or book
image). Hold hands with your companions and bask in the silvery glow.
Moonlight is said to enliven creativity, romance, and other positive
emotions today.Additionally, looking upon Ch'ango's visage draws the Goddess
s blessing and protection."
(Patricia Telesco, “365 Goddess: a daily guide to the magic and inspiration
of the goddess”.)

"Chang-O" by Lisa Hunt
Patricia Monaghan writes: "In ancient China, it was said that this moon
Goddess originally lived on earth, where Her husband was a famous archer.
To honor the mans's prowess, the gods gave him the drink of immortality, but
Chang-O beat him to the bottle and drank it down. Then She fled to the moon
where Shed asked the hare who loved there for protection from Her (probably
righteously) furious husband.
There, some say, Chang-O gained immortality - as a toad. Other legends say
that Chang-O's residence was one of the twelve moons, each a different shape
that cross the sky" (p. 84).
Now apparently, there are at least 3 different versions of Her story; click
here to read them.
While researching Chang-O, I found this commentary particularly insightful:
I feel like She has grown beyond Her silly mistake - that perhaps that was
the necessary fumble for Her, so She would be in isolation, and able to
explore the mysteries of humanity and divinity in solitude.
I see Her, not as selfish or stupid, but as gentle, and grown wise from Her
mistakes. I feel that She has a lot of compassion for humans, being that She
once stood where we are now." [1]
"Alternate names: Hêng Ô, Chang E, T'ai-yin Huang-chin ('The Moon Queen'),
Yuehfu Ch'ang Ô ('Ch'ang Ô of the Lunar Palace')". [2]

Autumnsdaughter., "Goddess Tarot: 9 ~ Contemplation: Chang O"

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Took, Thalia. A-Muse-ing Grace Gallery, "Ch'ang Ô".

Suggested Links:
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of the Moon".
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Wikipedia, "Chang'e".
Wikipedia, "Mid-Autumn Festival".
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