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How the Truth Sets You Free a message from Jennifer Hoffman

How the Truth Sets You Free

The more I learn the truth about what is going on in the world, the more I want to run away and hide at times. But that won’t solve anything and to be honest, I find that each new truth that I learn becomes a renewed source of empowerment and determination on my path to love, peace, joy, and fulfillment.  The truth sets us free by revealing all of the illusions that we may be using and living with, so we can create our own truth and set new energy boundaries and intentions for our lives. There is the universal Truth, that we are powerful, divine beings and the rest is all different versions of an individual truth. We have to decide what will be true for us in our lives. Just as we are architects of our reality, we are also architects of our own truth.

The word ‘true’ means ‘conforming to facts’ so in order to create our truth, we need some facts to build our truth around. These ‘facts’ have to do with our self worth, awareness, love, and acceptance. Once we have those in place, our truth follows effortlessly. We run into trouble when someone doesn’t agree with our truth. Does that make it not true? Maybe for them, but not for us. Our truth isn’t true only when everyone agrees with it, it’s true when we believe it, and that’s all we need to know.

What do we believe as true? Whatever resonates with our truth and that is part of our own foundation of truth about who we are, what we believe, what we deserve, and our level of value, which includes our self worth and self love. Then we will easily connect with people and situations who can agree with our truth. This means that we’ll probably exclude some people from our lives but we will also include many people too. We have to accept others’ truths as theirs, as well as accept that we won’t agree with them, or that they won’t always agree with us. What is true? It’s all true for someone, but it won’t all be true for everyone.

We cannot base our truth on who agrees with us because then we’re always changing our truth based on what others think is right or acceptable for them. Once we start changing our truth our energy is scattered and we lose our energetic integrity. We’re no longer grounded because we have no truth and our reality has no factual foundation. Are you a good person only if everyone else thinks so and agrees with you? And if they don’t agree, do you think you’re a bad person? If we allow others to set our truth standards based on what’s true for the, we lose our truth identity and then what do we believe about ourselves? We can’t have confidence, self awareness, and personal boundaries if we cannot own our own truth.

What do we do about the people who want us to accept their truth, who want us to change our truths so we reflect theirs? We have two choices, agree with them or stand firm in our own truth. The litmus test is how we feel within ourselves.

Do we feel balanced, grounded, secure, and in integrity with ourselves?

Or do we feel anxious, doubtful, afraid, and insecure?

How much do we want someone to like and approve of us, and what will we do to get that approval?

Why does it matter so much to us?

Those are hard questions to ask but the answers will reveal the path to a more confident, fulfilling, and joyful truth for us. Remember true means ‘conforming to facts’, and we create our reality as well as our truth, with the right facts in place, we have the tools we need to create the truth for ourselves that reflects the reality the we want to live and that we know is right for us. Knowing these answers sets us free from the self doubt, fear, and anxiety that arise when we think others don’t like us or our truth and reveals an important truth — it doesn’t matter.  We have to decide whether we’re going to let direction of our truth path become a popularity contest or whether we’ll just set our own truth guidelines and go from there. Either way, it’s all true and we don’t need to worry about whether anyone will believe our truth, as long as we believe it, that’s enough.

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