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July 2018 Energy Report a message from Jennifer Hoffman

July 2018 Energy Report

Ok folks, the 2018 dress rehearsal is over and with the end of June we are into the second half of 2018 which, as I have said, I believe will be easier and less challenging than the first half of this year. Now that may not hold true for you (beliefs play a big role in how we experience energy) but the potential for more joy, movement, and expansion is with us in July. That said, in a month that has 2 eclipses, 6 retrograde planets, and some long term cycle repeats, anything can happen so hold that space wide open for your intentions to manifest. July’s themes are choice and change and we’re going to get a lot of that, in different ways, this month.

Before we start on this month’s action potential, we need to look at its themes because if we ignore this powerful imperative we may struggle far more than we need to in the face of what may be some very powerful incentives to change how we make choices and the basis for the change we make. Choices may look like having to decide between one option and another but they are far more than that. They are portals to new energetic pathways in our life.

Choices are portals to new energetic pathways, potentials, and possibilities in our life.

Let that sink in carefully because now, when we make choices, we need to ask ourselves how they align with our intentions, integrate with the transformation we’re looking for and whether the energy pathway they create is one we want to be on.

The desire for change is the key which opens the choice portals.

How much change we can tolerate, how much we’re willing to upset our current status quo determines how many choices we will allow, how big the choice portal is, and the energetic frequency and vibration of the pathways that we will allow to be available to us. 

Do we resonate with big changes or small ones? Are we ready for a fully integrated 3D/5D reality or not? The ascension pathway continues and we’re either ready for movement at the speed of light or we’re walking.

Let’s talk about Mercury retrograde this month because that begins on July 26 (the shadow period begins on July 11), and ends on August 11, with the direct shadow ending on September 3rd. That covers the whole summer, doesn’t it. Standard Mercury retro warnings apply, be careful with your communications, add extra time for travel delays, and don’t start new projects, especially those that require serious legal or financial commitments. I haven’t seen any studies but I wonder if marriages completed under a Mercury retrograde are more likely to get cancelled, delayed, or end in divorce.

The Mercury retrograde is in Leo, whose ruler the Sun is involved in heavy eclipse activity for the next 45 days and Leo also rules children, love, and creativity. So if you’re getting an urge to be creative or revive your creative aspirations you put down while you had a career, raised your children, or did other things in your life, this Mercury retro will help you do that.

Adding energy to this Mercury retro is its opposition to the Mars retrograde in Aquarius, which may bring community awareness into greater focus. The communities we are part of, or are moving towards, those we are leaving and the knowledge or realization of the communities that no longer serve us is heightened. Remember communities includes more than your neighborhood, town, or country. This also involves personal communities such as families, children, friends, and partners. You can expect to see changes in all of those areas this month, or at least, things may occur to bring your awareness to changes that could be made.

Onward to the eclipses. There are two in July, the 13th and 27th, and the third one is on August 11. Ready to go back to the past to move forward into the future? These eclipses mirror those of July and August 1998, to the exact degree. So what was going on in 1998 that is being mirrored now? For me 1998 was the beginning of my career in internet and computer technology that would be very exciting and unstable as I would go through 6 job layoffs in 8 years, between 1999 and 2007. It was also during that period, in 2003, that Archangel Uriel contacted me and asked me to be a channel for his messages. Many profound life changes can happen in an eclipse period.

What was a blessing and a challenge in your life in 1998 that may be repeating itself now? What choices did you make in 1998 that you can re-consider at this time?  These eclipses are happening while Mercury is retrograde, so that is going to add extra emphasis to the review, reconsideration, release, and refresh cycle that the eclipse period ushers in.

So often we try to make the ‘best’ choices and wait until the ‘perfect’ moment to take action but that won’t work now. We must take action and then do course corrections as we assess whether we’re on the path we want to be on. We are always on the right and most perfect path because it’s the one that is aligned with our energetic frequency and vibration. But we do have the option to reconsider (another Mercury retro word) and change our minds if we decide that the path we are on is not working out as we though it would.

It’s a powerful month with a strong energetic signature, as well as a divine imperative to start living our life within 100% of our energy. Try to avoid distractions and things that use your time, energy, and effort without a corresponding return to you. Don’t go chasing the ‘life of your dreams’, set the intention for the life you want and create a vision for that life to start manifesting now. Have a great month and remember to shine on brightly.

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