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Love needs a great courage

This is the courage that is needed: not to enforce yourself upon the other, not to encroach, not to possess, not to be violent.

Whenever we want the other in a certain way, there is violence. So even if you have to suffer, even if you have to go into anguish, agony, and pain, go, but never interfere. And you will be immensely benefitted by it.

You will come to know the deepest flavour of love. Just hugging somebody is nothing, just making love to somebody is also not much... but to love somebody so deeply that you can help them to be free from even you, is something immensely valuable.

To give freedom, total freedom, unconditional freedom, will bring you the deepest joy of love.

It may have tears in it but it will have a deep laughter too, a profound joy too. And there is no incompatibility between tears and joy; they are very compatible. Sometimes there are moments when you are weeping and crying and still feeling a great blessing.


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Comment by David Dogan Beyo on August 27, 2009 at 1:30am

Dear Beloved Elif, thank you for your wonderful posts and supports,
Blessing with love and light

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