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The world you live in represents the collective consciousness, created by the thoughts and beliefs of the family of humanity. The world is not separate from you, it is you. It is your physical home, where you undertake your journey to wholeness and reconnection to Source. It is also the material experience your soul requires to fulfill its mission of healing and transformation. It is the vessel for experiencing emotional energy and holds the promise of creating material and spiritual balance. This is the purpose of the world and when you love the world you bring yourselves closer to the fulfillment of your promise to bring heaven to earth.

The world may experience love or fear, chaos or peace, kindness or cruelty as can each of you. If you hate those who create pain for others, you are forgetting that each person is on a journey of learning unconditional love. In condemning those who persecute you or others you are forgetting that this is an energy that you have come to change. The darkness is not overcome with more darkness, it is transformed by light. Do not look to the spiritual world for the gift of transformation, this is your home and you have dominion over your world.

While you are not alone on your journey the Universe knows that you are in control and will help you create the experience of the world that you require to fulfill your mission of healing and transformation. When you love the world you honor the experience you have created and fulfill its purpose of bringing the world to love. How can you hate your creation as it is the expression of your power? Being in the state of love is your highest source of power. Use it to love the world into transformation.

Where you see chaos, war, discord and hate, send out the energy of love. Where you see fear, confusion and doubt, remind it that love is present. Be grateful for every experience of love for you increase its presence and remind the world that it is an option. When you respond to darkness with more darkness you forget that this is the purpose of the light, to show the way to a different reality. Love the world, as it is your creation. Treat it and yourselves gently, knowing that each step towards the light draws you closer to the fulfillment of your journey. Home is one loving thought away from the darkness and peace and joy are available to all.

by Jennifer Hoffman

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