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Only Tantra allows you total being and total flow. TANTRA GIVES YOU UNCONDITIONAL FREEDOM, WHATSOEVER YOU ARE AND WHATSOEVER YOU CAN BE. Tantra keeps no boundaries on you. It does not define you, it simply gives you total freedom. The understanding is that when you are totally free, then much is possible.

This has been my observation that: PEOPLE WHO ARE SEXUALLY REPRESSED BECOME UNINTELLIGENT. Only very, very sexually alive people are intelligent people.

NOW, THE IDEA THAT SEX IS SIN MUST HAVE DAMAGED INTELLIGENCE, must have damaged it very badly. When you are really flowing, and your sexuality has no fight and conflict with you -- when you cooperate with it -- your mind will function at its optimum. You will be intelligent, alert, alive. THE BODY HAS TO BE BEFRIENDED, says Tantra.

SOMETIMES DO YOU EVER TOUCH YOUR OWN BODY? Do you ever feel your own body... or you remain as if you are encased in a dead thing? That is what is happening. People are almost frozen, they are carrying the body like a casket.

It is heavy, it obstructs; it does not help you to communicate with reality. IF YOU ALLOW BODY FLOW, it's electricity to move from the toe to the head; if you allow total freedom for its energy -- the bio-energy -- YOU WILL BECOME A RIVER, and you will not feel the body at all. You will almost feel bodiless.

NOT FIGHTING WITH THE BODY, YOU BECOME BODILESS; fighting with the body, the body becomes a burden. And carrying your body as a burden, you can never arrive to God. The body has to become weightless, so that you almost start walking above the earth -- that is the tantra way to walk. You are so weightless that there is no gravitation, you can simply fly. But that comes out of great acceptance.

IT IS GOING TO BE DIFFICULT TO ACCEPT YOUR BODY. You condemn it, you always find faults with it. YOU NEVER APPRECIATE, YOU NEVER LOVE IT. And then you want a miracle: that somebody will come and love your body. You yourself cannot love it, then how you are going to find somebody else to love your body?

If you yourself cannot love, nobody is going to love your body -- because your vibe will keep people repelled. YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH A PERSON WHO LOVES HIMSELF, NEVER OTHERWISE. The first love is to be toward oneself. Only on that center, can other kinds of love arise.

YOU DON'T LOVE YOUR BODY -- YOU HIDE IT. In thousand and one ways, you hide your body: the smell, you hide your body in clothes, you hide your body in ornamentation. You try to create some beauty that you continuously feel you are missing. And in that very effort you become artificial.

NOW THINK OF A WOMAN WITH LIPSTICK ON HER LIPS... it is sheer ugliness. Lips should be red out of aliveness, they should not be painted. They should be alive out of love, they should be alive because you are alive. Now, just painting the lips... and you think that you are beautifying.

ONLY PEOPLE WHO ARE VERY CONSCIOUS OF THEIR UGLINESS GO TO BEAUTY PARLORS, otherwise there is no need. Do you ever come across a bird which is ugly? Do you ever come across a deer which is ugly? It never happens. And they don't go to any beauty parlor, and they don't consult an expert. They simply accept themselves, and they are beautiful in their acceptance. In that very acceptance, they shower beauty upon themselves.

THE MOMENT YOU ACCEPT YOURSELF, YOU BECOME BEAUTIFUL. When you are delighted with your own body, you will delight others also. Many people will fall in love with you, because you yourself are in love with yourself.

Now you are angry with yourself: YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE UGLY, YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE REPULSIVE, HORRIBLE. This idea will repel people. This idea will not help them to fall in love with you, it will keep them away. Even if they were coming closer to you, the moment they will feel your vibration, they will move away.

THERE IS NO NEED TO CHASE ANYBODY. The chasing arises only because we have not been in love with ourselves. Otherwise people come. It becomes almost impossible for them not to fall in love with you if you are in love with yourself.

Why so many people came to Buddha, and why so many people came to Saraha, and why so many people came to Jesus? --THESE PEOPLE WERE IN LOVE WITH THEMSELVES! They were in such great love, and they were so delighted with their being, it was natural that whosoever will pass, will be pulled by themselves; like a magnet, they will pull. They are so enchanted with their own being, how can you avoid that enchantment? Just being here is such a great bliss!

TANTRA TEACHES THE FIRST THING: BE LOVING TOWARDS YOUR BODY, befriend your body, revere your body, respect your body, take care of your body -- it is God's gift. Treat it and it will reveal great mysteries to you. All growth depends how you are related to your body.

The Tantra Vision
Vol 2, Ch #7: Intelligence is Meditation
am in Buddha Hall

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