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"I leave the Father's home and turning back I save."

(Pisces Solar Festival: February 25, 2013. 3.26 pm, New York, NY.)
Problems for the Piscean Mystic and the Path of Occultism
The Materialistic Forces and Misleading Media
Nazi Germany: A Mediumistic Piscean Personality
The Glamour of 9/11: Imminent Revelation of the Truth 2013-14

Problems for the Piscean Mystic and the Path of Occultism
The path of the mystic has found its key expression during the Age of Pisces in monasteries and mountain retreats, East and West. Pisces is the mystic because of its intuitional, imaginative, feeling nature, combined with the compassion and sacrifice of the heart. Most seekers upon the spiritual path are mystics to one degree or another, indeed must be, as it is the first major milestone upon the Higher Way.
Yet a few are learning about the Occult Path, a way of working with the mind on a higher turn of the evolutionary spiral - but only once the heart-centred stage of unfoldment has been safely anchored. Occultism pertains to that which is hidden from the five outer senses, hence it concerns the study of unseen but sensed forces. (An occultation of the moon is an event that occurs when one object is hidden by another object that passes between it and the observer.) Unfortunately, modern media spins 'occult' to mean something evil - or the misuse of those unseen powers.
Saint Pantaleon the Healer Saint Francis of Assisi
(Nicholas Roerich) (Nicholas Roerich)
Esotericism is a similar meaning - the word 'esoteric' (inner) means, 'intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest'; this pertains to those who are rapidly developing the sixth synthesising sense, the intuition. Both the way of the Mystic and Occultist (heart and head) must be woven together.
When the modern 'new age' era is examined, most fall into the category of the mystic - the feeling nature accentuated and an imperative to 'tread the way of the heart'. Yet often, one of the main problems during this phase is that very little discrimination or mind is bought to prevail, hence these types tend to swim in an ocean of 'glamour' - basically illusion, as it expresses upon the astral plane. (Illusion is connected to the mental plane per se.)
All of Humanity swims in this same Piscean ocean of glamour, it is simply a matter of how deeply immersed for every individual, dependent upon the stage of soul unfoldment. Pisces is a sign of imprisonment and bondage but also ultimate liberation from that bondage, from the duality of the two fishes bound together in the ocean of matter; of being bound by illusion, glamour and maya in the three worlds. The treading of the occult path and meditation provides the knowledge, awareness and tools to consciously bring about a release from these obstacles. The sage Ramana Maharshi once said,
"What we call maya is very powerful, and so it appears. It grabs you in its clutches and makes you believe that things are happening in this world, and makes you believe that things are moving, changing. That's the picture it shows you. There are very few people who can go through a day without being affected by maya. Think about yourself. Just today, how have you been affected by maya? Believing something about your body, or about somebody else. Or about a situation in your life, or about the world. Or about the universe, and feeling it. That's maya."[1]
The approaching Aquarian cycle opens up for the accomplished mystic the opportunity to tread the way of Occultism, of learning the Science of Divine Universal Laws and becoming a true Knower, instead of simply a 'feeling sensitive or intuitive'. The learning of these higher laws is a rigorous mental discipline and not the point of least resistance for the average mystic! Yet, as these higher laws are learnt, the mystic way of feeling must be preserved and integrated:

"The path of knowledge is that of the occultist and the sage; that of love is that of the mystic and the saint. The head or the heart approach is not dependent upon the ray, for both ways must be known; the mystic must become the occultist; the white occultist has been the saintly mystic. True knowledge is intelligent love, for it is the blending of the intellect and the devotion. Unity is sensed in the heart; its intelligent application to life has to be worked out through knowledge."
And similarly,
"The mystic is too apt to feel that the occultist over-estimates the way of knowledge and repeats glibly that the mind is the slayer of the real and that the intellect can give him nothing. The occultist is equally apt to despise the mystical way and to regard the mystical method as "lying far behind him". But both must learn to tread the way of wisdom. The mystic must and will inevitably become the occultist and this whether he likes the process or not. He cannot escape it in the long run, but the occultist is not a true one until he recovers the mystical experience and translates it into terms of synthesis."[3]
The difference between the two approaches are clearly stated:
"The mystic who is meditating has built before and around them an outline nebulous, inchoate, and cloudy, and in such a way that it forms the centre of the form. Frequently, according to the trend of the mind, the nucleus of the form may be some favourite symbol such as a cross, an altar, or even a pictured idea of one of the Great Ones.
This form will be wreathed in the mists of devotion, and will pulsate with floods of colour bespeaking aspiration, love and ardent longing. The colours built in will be of singular purity and clarity and will mount up until they reach a great height. According to the capacity of the aspirant to aspire and to love will be the density and the beauty of the ascending clouds; according to the stability of temperament will be the accuracy of the inner symbol or picture around which the clouds of colour circulate.
The forms built by the aspirant of an occult trend of thought, and who is more dominated by mind, will be of a geometrical type. The outlines will be clear, and will be apt to be rigid. The form will be more painstakingly built and during meditation will proceed with greater care and accuracy. They will (if I may so express it) take a pride in the manipulation of the material that goes to the building of the form.

Matter of the mental plane will be more apparent and--though certain clouds of emotional matter may he added to the whole--matter of the emotional plane will be of secondary importance. The colours employed may be of equal clarity, but they are apportioned with specific intent, and the form stands out clearly and is not lost in the upward surge of emotional colours as the mystic form is apt to be."[4]

Note the difference here between the 'mists of devotion' (sixth ray - Pisces) and 'geometrical type' (seventh ray - Aquarius). The danger in this transition between the ages of Pisces and Aquarius is not having these two paths integrated correctly. There will always be imbalances, this is just part of evolution. However, in the past 150 years much new occult information has been released into the world by the Guides of the race.

How this information is applied, bears much responsibility to protect it from being abused. For instance, subjects such as the ancient Atlantean 'Laya Yoga' - the science of the chakras - require much occult knowledge and care. The average 'new-ager' knows very little about these centres and works with them 'blithely and blindly' - carelessly, with little occult knowledge (''a little knowledge is a dangerous thing'), hence with the potential to do harm, under the glamour of being a 'healer' or teacher. Every department of human experience is fraught with some glamour or another.

"A little learning is a dangerous thing;
drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring:
there shallow draughts intoxicate the brain,
and drinking largely sobers us again."
(Alexander Pope 1688-1744)

Legion are the students of occult bodies of work, who having read through them, think they 'know it all' and misapply or misuse the material, consciously or unconsciously, often for motives by the lower ego, such as claiming to be an initiate or to have certain 'powers':

"... a little knowledge is apt to puff up, and make men giddy,
but a greater share of it will set them right,
and bring them to low and humble thoughts of themselves."
(Lord Francis Bacon)

Likewise, other esoteric sciences of sound, music, astrology, healing etc. can all suffer from gross distortions due to being ill-informed or mis-applying principles. Of course, any profession can. Granted, one must 'experiment and experience' and with right motive one is usually protected. But with arrogance and ego as the prevailing shadow of the Western race, selfish motive is common:

"The true occultist is a scientist and a devotee, and where these two are not merged, we have the mystic and the wo/man in danger of black magic, being governed by the intellect and not by selflessness; there are dangers incident also upon contact with the deva evolution and the knowledge of the powers and forces made available through their agency.

The coming into incarnation of numbers of old magicians and occultists, and the rapid growth therefore of recognised psychic powers among the people. This psychism, being tinged with mentality and not being of a purely astral quality, will be even more dangerous than in Atlantean days, for back of it will be some degree of will, conscious purpose, and intellectual apprehension, and unless this is paralleled by the growth of spiritual realisation, and by the steady grip of the Ego [soul] upon the lower personality, a period of real danger may ensue. Hence the need of pointing out and of realising the menace, so that the truth of the inner life and the need of serving the race as an essential to advancement may be proclaimed far and wide."[5]

This past century has witnessed a major recapitulation of those Atlantean times, hence the threat is very potent, the world is in that 'period of real danger'. As the forces of Aquarius intensify, as the potency of Aquarian ruler Uranus increases (especially now in Aries), as the Uranus-ruled seventh ray of ceremonial magic waxes in strength, so great opportunities will present themselves, but with their unique dangers.

Pisces here generically means the path of the mystic - the point of least resistance for most; its astrally sensitive, passive, full of devotion, prone to addictions of all kinds and thinks that many 'new age' themes are the path to liberation, when they are in fact anathema to the Path, or regressive old ways of Atlantean times. Many of them need to be recognised as recapitulations of past times, hence steps upon the way to more sound techniques suited for this day and age. Some of these themes are,

1. Insistence upon the 'feminine goddess' that has paradoxically created an imbalance between the sexes and a deep narcissism amongst some women. Recalling the old days of the Atlantean matriarchy and no doubt as a reaction to the past few thousand years of heavy-duty patriarchy: Best de-genderise 'the divine feminine' to 'love and compassion'. The soul knows no gender.

2. The use of psychedelic drugs such as Ayahuasca. Great for shaking you out of your western concrete mind and facing your dweller, but best seen as a step upon the way, not to be embraced as an ultimate. Old Atlantean practice for initiation, now redundant. Works entirely on the astral realm, inherently very dangerous.

3. Psychics and psychism - of the lower kind. Psychic phenomena as 'spiritual' or portrayed in a very negative light in mass media.

4. The fanatical practice of hatha yoga without any meditation practice. Undue emphasis on the form, not consciousness. Creation of etheric-physical problems as a result, plus the undue stimulation of lower ego.

5. Blind devotion to certain gurus. No discernment bought to the materialisation of phenomena or visitations by these beings upon the astral plane. Dazzled by outer appearances or certain astral experiences.

6. The study of old practices such as medieval astrology or Indian astrology that negate the existence of the planets beyond Saturn, hence blocking the potential of the higher consciousness that is available. Superstitious attitudes that a planet is a 'malefic' are not based upon an inner knowing, but superstition and a clinging to interpretations that are based upon fear, hence redundant and out of date.

7. Unquestioning and indiscriminate acceptance of powerful personalities with alot of esoteric knowledge, masquerading as 'spiritual teachers'. Their students mindlessly repeating what the 'teacher' said. The Piscean Age was one of gurus.

Lilith worshipping the Moon. (Typical glamourised image.) Chakra Buddha.

8. Sexual tantric practices, a distortion of the original tantra - the science of cosmic principles and union therein attained. Atlantean sex magic.

9. The deliberate and forced awakening of the kundalini energy from the base of the spine chakra - extremely unwise and dangerous!

10. Chakra 'healing' in its many forms, degenerated almost to a side-show or an item that one picks up at the supermarket!

11. New Age narcissism - its one thing to love yourself, and another to be totally self-absorbed.

12. The glamour of initiation, where aspirants have taken esoteric knowledge, mis-applied it and placed themselves far ahead of where they actually are. A common and increasing problem that requires cultivation of the humus - humility!

When passing from one stage to another, there is an interim stage for the mystic-occultist:

"Many people, when they are transferring from the path of feeling and the devotional heart approach (the mystic line) on to the path of intellectual control,--the approach via the head, the occult method,--complain that the old moments of joy and bliss, experienced in meditation, have gone. The system now followed seems arid, dry and unsatisfactory. But joy and peace are registrations of the emotional nature and in no way affect reality.

It is immaterial from the standpoint of the soul whether its reflection, wo/man in incarnation, is happy or not, blissful or sad, contented or in trouble. Only one thing matters, the attainment of soul contact, the arriving at union (conscious and intelligent) with the One. This union may work out in the physical plane consciousness as a sense of peace and joy; it must work out in increased capacity to serve the race and to serve it more efficiently.

The feelings of the disciple are of small moment; his/her understanding and usefulness as a channel for spiritual force are of importance. It should be remembered that on the path, neither our virtues nor our vices count (except in so far as we escape from the pairs of opposites).

That alone counts which impels us forward on that path which "shineth more and more until the day be with us." When an aspirant can detach their eyes from all that concerns the physical, emotional and mental, and will raise their eyes and direct them away from the self, they will become aware of "the overshadowing cloud of spiritual knowledge," or of the "raincloud of knowable things," as it has also been translated."[6]

The Materialistic Forces and Misleading Media
In the modern world, and for the earnest aspirant in the West, training oneself to be an Occultist with proficiency in meditation (Raja Yoga), is the highest path we have been offered, requiring a great deal of mental discipline. The afore-mentioned Piscean ways are either recapitulations of earlier experiences (hence steps upon the way), and/or just simply time-consuming detours for future evolution.

The Forces of Materialism have their greatest power upon the astral plane. In keeping with one of Pisces' major themes, these forces can easily be our jailers by keeping us enthralled in the astral realm.

There are many ways this can occur, one of the major areas is passive conditioning through television and other media; the various propagandas that are promoted, whether it is news or entertainment - absorbed without discrimination by those who want to escape the humdrum of daily existence or loneliness; this is a widely acknowledged negative aspect of Pisces-Neptune.

The distortion of reality via the astral plane therefore, has a striking effect through the water signs because water is the symbol of the astral plane, the 'ocean of emotion'. Many are aware of the 'imprints' made on water in Dr. Masaru Emoto's work,
[7] bearing in mind that the human body is approximately 70% water.

Water crystals exposed to the words 'Love and appreciation'Water crystals exposed to the words 'You make me sick, I will kill you'
"Love and Appreciation". "You make me sick, I will kill you".
(Dr. Masura Emoto)

Water crystals from the Fujiwara DamWater crystals from the Fujiwara Dam after a buddhist prayer is offered

Polluted water from the Fujiwara Dam, Japan. Dam water after a Buddhist prayer is offered

"You are what you eat" can easily be extrapolated to "you are what you consume" in general, whether it be constant and unrelenting violence or soporific daytime soapies - it all gets absorbed through even the strongest astral body filters. Frank Zappa wrote an hilarious song about this, "I am the slime from your video, oozing along on your living room floor"[8] - a perfect description of the lower subplanes of the astral plane.

The watery trine of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio can be the best deceivers and liars, propagandists, blurrers of boundaries or 'deluders of souls':

"The second ray aspirant who builds his Dweller and permits its steady and increasing control becomes a "deluder of souls". He is the true Anti-Christ, and through false teaching and the working of so-called miracles, through hypnotism and mass suggestion he draws a veil over the world and forces others to walk in the great illusion."

Everyone loves a good movie, to be entertained, to be swept up in the drama of life, to escape their self-created prisons. We want to be inspired and uplifted, simply diverted or vicariously vent our pent-up rage and frustration. We often deliberately dispense with our critical faculties to reach this goal, suspending the 'disbelief factor' momentarily, going along for the ride and letting the hair blow back! This is a very interesting reflection of the Pisces-Virgo axis that represents fantasy (Pisces) and the discriminating mind (Virgo). Notice also the Piscean addictiveness of a favourite show, when can I get my next fix of Downton Abbey?
Breaking Bad and Downton Abbey

But what of the saturation that occurs, that lodges itself in the subtle vehicles and becomes part of you - as alluded to above in Dr. Emoto's work? What stays behind in the watery astral body, from extreme gratuitous violence for example?

"Water that was treated to the music of Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony, with its bright and clear tones, resulted in beautiful and well formed crystals. On the other hand, water exposed to violent, heavy metal music resulted in deformed and mis-shaped crystals."[10]

Or more subtly, the propaganda that passes for entertainment, that may be subtle or blatant, but conditions or justifies how people think about gun control for instance, or Muslims or the way Western governments conduct business? Does this affect how they act in the world?

In this interim period of humanity emerging from mass consciousness into individualised consciousness and more independent thinking, the world of ideas is rife with speculation and lack of discrimination - and it will be the this way for quite some time.

Conspiracy Theories

Another area with its many shades of grey are the so-called 'conspiracy theories'; some most worthy and unfairly labeled 'conspiracy' (see last section on 9/11), others too outlandish or characterised by an obvious lack of discrimination and/or paranoia, fear in its most extreme expression, another characteristic of the water signs. Then there are the majority of theories between these two extremes - the shades of grey - all containing a degree of the truth, hence the most insidious, creating a poisonous doubt, not exactly sparkling with clarity and objectivity.

God, is that the time? Downton Abbey is about to start, right after Breaking Bad, I better run!

Nazi Germany: A Mediumistic Piscean Personality[11]
Germany represents the pinnacle of development in this Fifth Rootrace, where the lower mind has been developed and refined. Indeed, Germany is the fifth branchrace (Anglo-Saxon) - along with Britain - of the fifth subrace (Teutonic), of the Fifth Rootrace, representing the quintessential 5.5.5 - five being the number of mind or manas.

World Wars I & II were essentially the battle between the soul of the Fifth Rootrace and its shadow, or Dweller on the Threshold. (The battle still rages, but mainly upon the mental plane.) This 'Dweller' in this case, is the separative nature of the developed concrete mind, devoid of compassion. Hence this polarisation between mind and heart generically flowed through the Axis and Allied forces.

Germany was possessed by a powerful and possessed dictator who was extremely mediumistic, himself easily manipulated by 'the dark forces'. Germany was easily swayed by Hitler and his cronies because the German personality was (and still is) conditioned by the sign Pisces. (It may be far more integrated now, but was not then.)

The mystical nature of the Germans (expressed so beautifully in their poetry, music, art and philosophy), was played upon in such a way that the majority did not have the mental discrimination to see what was going on - or to exert a resistant will. They literally 'had the wool pulled over their eyes.' This is a great paradox for one of the highest 'products' of the Fifth Rootrace. Not only did Germany play the Dweller for the Fifth Rootrace, but also for the Piscean Age, during its last-gasp.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Ludwig van Beethoven Immanuel Kant

Germany was most prone to the 'glamour' aspect, intimately connected to the illusions of the astral plane. The other Axis powers of Italy and Japan played their parts:

"... individualistic and mentally polarised ... the expression of world illusion."
"... focussed in herself world glamour--the most potent and expressive of the three aspects of glamour."
"... manifesting the force of maya--the crudest form of material force."[12]
Sum Total
The World Dweller on the Threshold
3 lower planes
"... The Dweller ... is composed of physical forces, vital energy, astral forces and mental energies, constituting the sum total of the lower nature."[13]

Commenting upon the Germans during WWII, The Tibetan writes:

"The major fault of the German people is an extreme negativity which makes them the most easily "conditioned" people of all time, plus an ability to accept dictatorship and propaganda without any questioning or revolt and with a deep sense of inferiority. The German people are consequently easily exploited, easily convinced by those who can shout and threaten; they are easily regimented."

These traits of 'easily exploited', 'extreme negativity' and 'most easily conditioned' are Germany's Pisces personality - as it was then. Today this inferiority has been compounded by much guilt about WWII. The 'most easy conditioning' was not helped by the vast power of propaganda, perpetrated by Goebbels - who had five planets in persuasive and pervasive Scorpio!

Pisces is not only the mystic but also the medium,

"Germany is mediumistic, as was its dictator ... The Piscean personality of Germany (which is the sign governing mediumship), accounts for the apparently fluid grasp of essentials and the inability of its people and ruling government to stand by pledges. The influence of the sixth ray, coming via Mars, martially applied, and the lack of true spiritual love as it is diverted into, account temporarily for the mass negligence to assert itself on behalf of the oppressed and in the interests of the higher principles. The need for this assertion is realised by many in Germany but the negative Piscean personality attitude provides a great obstacle and accounts for what has puzzled all who know and love the German people."

This "mass negligence to assert itself ... in the interests of the higher principles", was aided by the fact that the Nazis persecuted intellectuals - who left Germany in droves, literally weakening the mental body of the nation and its spiritual principles. That persecution is a paradox, given that this nation, as part of Europe, was/is one of the most intellectually advanced.

The Nazis also garnered much knowledge from esoteric sources such as The Secret Doctrine by H.P. Blavatsky. Once again the adage recurs, 'a little knowledge is a dangerous thing'. That information was misapplied and misused, a classic case in point, the use of the word 'Aryan' - to describe the blond-haired, blue-eyed 'master race' ideal. (Ironically none of these features were possessed by Hitler or Goebbels.)

'Arya' is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning 'noble' and concerns the early Hindu subrace as the cradle of all Western races. Even today, the word 'Aryan' still has not lost its tarnish, being adopted by Neo-Nazi groups and seized upon by ignorant media.

The Nazi Party (more the party pooper!), was a Piscean entity formed February 24, 1920 in Munich, the heart chakra of Germany; a powerful place to introduce a poison that would reach the whole body of the nation. The horoscope has a Sun-Uranus conjunction in Pisces, with its ruler Neptune, at the point of T-square to Moon in Taurus opposite Mars in Scorpio. In this case the Taurus-Scorpio axis identifies the 'nasty' in Nazi.

nazi party.jpg

The rising sign in this chart is Virgo, the polar opposite to Pisces, and some of its most chilling expressions were through the extensive documentation, efficiency and organisation of the death camps, human experiments, Eugenics and the classically cold Nazi archetype, bereft of any compassion.

As an aside, at a higher stage of unfoldment, Pisces shifts from medium to mediator. As Germany now dominates the world economically, it plays an increasingly critical role of mediation within the European Union. Mediatorship is also a quality of the Mercurial fourth ray of Harmony through Conflict, the soul ray of the German people.

Lest there be no illusions about 'Nazi consciousness', bear in mind the words of the American philosopher Ken Wilber,

"Depending on which scales you use, somewhere between 50-70 % of the world's population is at the ethnocentric or lower levels of development. ... To put it in the bluntest terms possible, this means around 70% of the world's population are Nazis."[16]
Basil Fawlty in the infamous
"The Germans" episode of Fawlty Towers.

The Glamour of 9/11: Imminent Revelation of the Truth
From Fawlty Towers to several other very faulty towers! There seems to be no question that it is only a matter of when not if, that the truth about 9/11 will soon be revealed; it will be a major shock for the world and deeply traumatic for the USA.

The recent revelations from champion cyclist Lance Armstrong are just the tip of the iceberg; it represents the 'shadow of the West' with its egotistical and ambitious attitudes - living lives of lying and cheating for monetary gain and fame. As Pluto drags these revelations to the surface, so other secrets will emerge.

9/11 was arguably the greatest fraud ever perpetrated in the history of humanity. The cover-up within the United States and around the world has startling parallels with the mass delusion effected within Nazi Germany. As Germany was the focus for the World Dweller, so the United States is now.

The activity of the propaganda machine that went into overdrive on 9/11, through most world media outlets, was unprecedented and still continues to hold sway for the majority. The 'glamour of authority' or the glamour of authoritive sources and big government has held the 'big lie' to the general public for over a decade.

9/11 was a classic case of lower Neptunian deceit and sleight of hand, combined with a relentless repetition of the 'facts' (lies). The progressed Sun in USA's horoscope moved into Pisces over eight years ago and, combined with an 'engineered' financial crisis of 9/11/2008 (7 years after the first one), has not helped national discrimination or clarity on the matter.

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State."[17]

However, through such groups as Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and their compelling documentary, 9/11: Explosive Evidence, Experts Speak Out, hard scientific facts may well win the day. We see the Pisces-Virgo axis again - the unquestioning and indiscriminate belief in propaganda and lies (Pisces), versus scientific empiricism (Virgo).

The USA is certainly a nation in denial about one of the most traumatic events in its history, and will, if matters unfold as they should, soon embark upon a path of truth and reconciliation; and not without much incredulity, anger and rage. The revelation of 9/11 will be earth shattering for the entire planet, and with certain astrological factors in place, 2013-14 may see this emergence.

The following commentary will not deal with the factors involved in the 9/11 conspiracy, various documentaries and published authors achieve this quite conclusively.
[18] The astrology of 9/11 will be examined to demonstrate why the emergence of the truth seems to be imminent.

The Astrological Chart of 9/11
All events have a birth, and no less so with the tragic event of 9/11 - timed for the first plane crash at 8.42 am. This event 'entity' has a life of its own, an evolution if you will, and is affected by planetary progressions and transits just like any other horoscope.

Like the assassination of JFK, everyone can remember where they were when they first heard about the attacks on the World Trade Centre towers. We all watched transfixed, numbed and almost hypnotised for days and weeks, by the television footage of planes exploding into buildings. Absolute terror and shock was etched into the world psyche.

A few knew immediately that things were not as they seemed; their intuitions instantly penetrated the veil of glamour and maya surrounding the situation. Others took years to come to grips with the truth, though for many the jury is still out, undecided or written off as 'wacko conspiracy theory'.

(In 2001, this author was at work on the 9/11 mystery immediately, trying to make sense of it astrologically, uploading an article to the web that same day. See

The Jupiter in Cancer Factor

One of the factors so prominent in the 9/11 horoscope was the 'void of course' Moon in late Gemini, typically not a good time to enter a business transaction, with possible delays and technical problems affecting travel and communication. (Understatement!)

A late Gemini Moon has also been noted in earthquakes, it is not a stable factor. Indeed, the toppling towers were as devastating as any earthquake, even more so psychologically. The two financial pillars of the Western world, demolished in 11 and 9 seconds respectively. (Building 7 plunged in 7 seconds.) Gemini is also the trickster, thief and liar par excellence (apart from Pisces and Scorpio!), and the world certainly had the truth stolen on that day.

The dispositor or ruler of Gemini is Mercury, prominently conjunct the Libran ascendant of the 9/11 chart, but most importantly, square to Jupiter in Cancer. It is of interest to note that Jupiter was on its twelve-year cycle passing over the USA Cancer Sun in the exoteric horoscope for 1776. Jupiter is also the ruler of the second ray of Love-Wisdom, the soul ray of the USA. Jupiter dominates the 9/11 horoscope from the midheaven - a larger than life public profile!

The problem with Mercury square Jupiter, is that it is a recipe for exaggeration, of jumping to conclusions, also the story-teller who likes to spin a good yarn. It's easy to be totally careless with details because of Jupiter's grandiosity, pomp and drama. This square aspect compounds the already existing problem of Mercury-ruled Moon in Gemini. Hence, it is very easy to blow out of proportion (blow out of the sky), bend or twist the truth.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius where Chiron is placed opposite the Moon in Gemini. Very broadly speaking, Sagittarius is traditionally connected to the truth and honesty, whilst Gemini is typically the opposite. Hence this opposition between Moon and Chiron is a strong factor for compromising the truth, just like the Mercury square Jupiter aspect.

To reiterate, this is a real 'double whammy' combination: Moon-Chiron in Gemini-Sagittarius, with the two rulers of these signs in hard aspect to one another!

L. Building 7 drops like a stack of pancakes after the order to 'pull it',
a termed used in the demolition industry.

R. A BBC report at 4.15 pm saying that WTC building 7 had collapsed,
when it is still standing behind the reporter! It collapsed at 5.20 pm.

An Amazing Sequence of Events is About to Unfold

Significant transits and progressions have unfolded in the past twelve years, but nothing like what is coming up in 2013-2014.

1. May 21, 2013: World Premiere 9/11 Documentary. (9/11 Truth: Experts Speak Out.) May 21 sees the Sun enter the first degree of Gemini, whilst Mercury has already entered Gemini, its own sign.

Two other planets will also be in Gemini on May 21, 2013: Transiting Venus sitting precisely on the 9/11 chart Saturn, whilst transiting Jupiter sits between Saturn and the Moon in Gemini. Gemini is a sign of dissemination of information - did they use an astrologer to pick this date?!

In USA's exoteric 1776 horoscope, transiting Jupiter sits exactly upon Mars in Gemini - a 'problem child' planet square to Neptune in Virgo, and connected closely to America's Media Maya Machine. Jupiter's penchant for exaggeration combined with Mars' reactive volatility may well set off a media frenzy in the USA. Barack Obama's Mars squares USA's Mars, hence Obama may find himself in the middle of a melee. The Sun is on his Moon in Gemini on this day, so there could be alot of fast talking. 'Besieged' is another word that comes to mind.

Between May 21-June 21, the yearly passages of Sun, Mercury and Venus all pass through Gemini, activating all the 9/11 Gemini placements. The major activation however, will be transiting Jupiter on its twelve-year cycle, conjoining the 9/11 Moon (major culprit), at the same time as the yearly passage of the Sun, about June 17, 2013.

Transiting Mars also gets in on the act, entering Gemini on its two-year cycle. USA will have its two-yearly 'Mars return' by the end of June. All in all, the Gemini stimulation is massive! Bear in mind that Jupiter is also culminating toward the midheaven...
2. August 18, 2013. Jupiter Return in the 9/11 Chart.
2013 marks the first 'Jupiter return' ever for the 9/11 horoscope, following the twelve-year cycle of Jupiter since 2001. This is highly significant, given all of the aforesaid about Jupiter. The return will trigger the midheaven of the 9/11 chart, bringing the 9/11 theme into great prominence; it will trigger the square of Jupiter to Mercury and the previously described problems; it may well activate the second ray soul of the USA into greater activity - a 'wake-up call'. The phone has been 'ringing' for the past decade or so and the nation may very well decide to pick-up now.
The Jupiter return horoscope has Sagittarius rising (truth), and an extraordinary opposition between the Moon in Capricorn and Mars in Cancer. This opposition falls precisely across the Mercury-Pluto opposition in the USA 1776 horoscope, thereby activating it powerfully. The author has previously written about this opposition:
"Mercury is ... placed in Cancer, retrograde, where it can be most elusive, diffuse and cunning. With the opposition to Pluto, there can be subversive communication, as well as devious manipulation. As Pluto rules the twelfth house of secrets, this opposition can refer to secret government agencies such as the CIA and NSA. It also refers to mass conditioning and propaganda through the media or these agencies.
Mercury opposite Pluto can make for a very persuasive argument and at its extreme, bring much force and pressure on others to conform. One of the worst traits of Pluto in the second house is the enormous financial institutions and corporations that have selfishly cornered much of the nation's wealth, with the Cancerian tendency to hoard and hold onto. This intense materialisation inherent in the Capricorn-Cancer axis is a major challenge for this nation to transcend. It is what makes America hated by some foreign nations and religious traditions."[19]

Hence this activation not only brings up the 9/11 issues, but many other themes associated with the old culture - corporate control, the 99% vs. 1%, terrorism, foreign nations etc.

FACT: In the entire history of the skyscrapers globally, none
have ever collapsed due to airplane crashes or fires.
3. April 22, 2014: Cardinal Grand Cross Activates 9/11 and USA Charts
In short, this is HUGE. Four planets line up at 14 degrees of cardinal signs, almost as a finale to the Uranus-Pluto square dance that stops in 2015. In the quad-wheel below can be identified the following,

a. Jupiter close to its natal position in the 9/11 chart and the Sun in the USA chart.
b. Mars conjunct the ascendant and Mercury in the 9/11 chart.
c. Pluto opposite Jupiter and the USA Sun.
d. Uranus opposite the 9/11 ascendant, etc. etc.

This grand cross holds its formation right up to April 29, 2014 - the date of a solar annular eclipse, locking these forces firmly into the 9/11 and USA charts, 'keeping up the pressure' for all of 2014. Exactly one year after this date in April 2015, solar arc Saturn (law, justice) makes an exact conjunction to the troublesome 9/11 Gemini Moon. This may well signal the results of a private 9/11 enquiry or the beginning of one.
Phillip Lindsay © 2013.
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