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Meditation Focus Series – Week # 20

Reawakening To Our Sacred Mission

Beloved Ones

Here is the 20th suggested meditation theme in this weekly Meditation Focus Series. The purpose, meditation time and, if needed, a basic meditation method were provided in the first one available HERE. To review the previous Meditation Focuses, please click HERE.

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Week # 20: Reawakening To Our Sacred Mission

An audio version (mp3) is available HERE with instructions on how to access and use it.

A long, long time ago, something amazing took place. Out of nowhere a whole universe manifested and gradually evolved to become what we see today. But this was only the external stage for a much more marvelous thing. Unseen to the eyes of flesh, individual spiritual beings emanating from the Original Source gradually descended into this new realm to experience duality and the countless opportunities for learning it offers. Subdividing into ever more Sparks of the Omniversal Flame, countless souls soon occupied every nook and cranny of this vast multidimensional universe. The unfolding script of what became an intricately woven plot constitutes the ever-rebounding story to which we all participate as cocreators and co-manifesters.

Throughout all times there have ever been more spiritually aware beings who had a crucial role to play in assisting those who had lost their cosmic memories in their long descent into material experiencing. Today on Earth, there is a re-emergence of such beings whose mission is vital at this historical crossroad and nexus of evolutionary progress. They work mostly in a very low-key manner that is ever so respectful of each soul’s freewill. Their level of integrity is absolute and the depth of their wisdom is unmatched. They are the backbone of the divinely guided plan to assist souls willing to shift into a higher dimension of existence, and the finely tuned instruments through which the Will of God is manifested.

At this juncture in our evolutionary progress, we are being called upon to assist these Higher Beings of Love in their sacred mission of redemption. In so doing, we are also being exposed to what we need to learn to be able one day to, in turn, assist other souls in their own quest for full remembrance of their Divine Origin. In the infinitely vast Circle of Life, we each occupy every possible role until we have been through the whole gamut of experiences necessary to integrate all the elements leading to Spiritual Perfection and Complete Oneness with All That Is.

This never-ending Journey from Omniversal GodSelf to near spiritual oblivion and back is the role-playing we have all consented to experience as part of our common drive for Self-discovery. In a sense, the Journey is the Goal of it all. Accruing ever more sensory inputs and ever higher understanding ofWhat Is is the means through which our collective experience ultimately makes sense.

You are invited to join, through every waking moment, and especially next Sunday at the usual time, into a continuation of the ongoing awakening process that now pervades your entire physical realm of existence. Let the thoughts inspired by the overall vision outlined above guide you into remembering ever more fragments of your sacred mission in this lifetime, and let your soul show to your consciousness the more specific roles you are being called to play to fulfill the tasks you have chosen to accomplish before, once again, taking up embodiment.

Let us all reawaken to our sacred mission and actively follow the inner urgings of our soul, so as to help bring about the unfolding transdimensional shift into a New Era of Peace, Love and Harmony, for the Highest Good of All.

Also recommended...

Earth People... Awake! 

You came from every part of this mighty Universe to help revive this dying planet. 

You are those few selected ones who were given the rare privilege to assist this planet in giving birth to a new Being in the cosmic pantheon of gods: Gaia, the Immortal Child. 

The Time is Now...

Awake from your sleepy state and carry out your Divine Mission on Earth. 

The Time is Now... 

Open your mind to the ideas poured into you through the sacred guidance of your soul. 

The Time is Now... 

Manifest the Vision of a New World through enlightened and courageous actions. 

You have been given all the necessary skills and training up to now in your life to accomplish your Cosmic Duty. Trust the Spirit that inspired these words through one of Its many channels. Be sure that the cohort of God's angels will always be at your side to protect you and help you in fulfilling your Destiny. But above all, know that all the God Qualities are embedded within you and are available at any time to assist you along the Path. You are One with God, as you have always been and shall be forever... 

Earth People... Awake! Awake! 

Awake from your dream state, beloved Sons and Daughters of Light. You have nothing to fear, for I am with you, I am within you, I AM YOU... 

Stand up and walk towards the bright future that I devised for you. Stand up and talk to everyone around you about this glorious Destiny awaiting Humanity. Stand up and raise the real issues of your time: Peace, Love and Harmony. Peace among nations, Peace among neighbors, Peace within you. Love towards God, Love towards others, Love towards yourself. Harmony with the Universe, Harmony with the Earth, Harmony within you. 

You are the leaven in the bread. You can change things around. You can trigger a global shift of consciousness. You can make a difference. For you are not alone... You are millions scattered all around the Earth as Seeds of Light. You must now shine as the true Sons and Daughters of Light that you are...

You are the Earth People. Your mind encompasses the whole planet and feels it as a single Being now ready to be born anew... 

Earth People... Awake! Awake! Awake! 

You are the morning dew crystalline pearls of Light emerging from the sky and fixing in Humanity's Consciousness the message of God ... 

"UNITY is bound to manifest again its immanent Reality on our beloved planet Earth. From every part of My cosmic body, I sent Messengers of Peace, Bearers of the most sacred Mission ever embodied in human flesh. You are those who can change the face of the world. Awaken yourselves now from the slumber of matter and let shine this immortal Flame of Love that is your true and only nature. Rejoice with the celestial hosts as you express in your life the wisdom and compassion I pour and will unremittingly pour into you... 

Now is the Time... 

Command to all the Earth Forces of Life to renew and purify its lands and oceans so that the myriads of Life forms may blossom again as it was before Man attempted to destroy this magnificent blue sphere of Life, the cradle of Humanity, the Immortal Child. Command to all the invisible beings surrounding you and they will obey you, for you are My Sons and Daughters, for it is My Will that overshadows you and shall guide your steps on this eternal Path of Light that you are walking upon since the Beginning of Time." 

I say "Open your heart, open your mind, open your soul to My Divine Guidance and all will be made anew on the face of the Earth and in the heart of Humanity"... 

And one day, not far from now, the Story of how the Earth People have awakened themselves and joined to transform the world shall be told at night, around a fire, by old wise sages to the children of our lineage,
now latent in our loins... 

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