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Uriel's Message -- Release your Veil

You are aware of the veil between the human and material worlds that is thinning as humanity raises its vibrations and moves into the energy of unconditional love. But are you aware that each of you has a veil in your own life, one that exists to block you from your connection to Source and your knowledge of the spirit world? This veil is lifted when you raise your vibrations and its presence depends on your willingness to accept your divinity as a spiritual human.

You created your veil to allow your learning and transformation of the human energies you came to heal. The veil is not in place to punish you or to keep you separated from Source, it is in place to help you make choices to transform the energies of the planet and raise them to their spiritual equivalent through your own power. Since you created the energies and you are responsible for their presence you are also responsible for their transmutation.

With the veil in place you forget your spiritual resources, your co-creative abilities and the divinity of your journey and purpose. As soon as you begin to remember these things the veil begins to lift and the energies and support you need are revealed to you. This is when you begin to enter the flow of effortless living, to co-create your life and bring heaven on earth for yourself. Once you can transcend the density of the third dimension and lift your veil you are in the realm of spirit and have direct communication with these energies. This is the realm of unconditional love, peace and joy. And it is the end of your soul contract to heal, transcend your humanity and bring wholeness to yourself and the world.

Many of you are aware of different energies and angels around you, which you can see or have a sense of because your veil is lifting. Yes the veil is lifting for humanity but that is a reflection of the efforts each of you is making to lift your own veil. This is confirmation that you have raised your own vibrations, are working directly with spirit and can access to the energies of home to re-create them for yourselves here, in fulfillment of your mission of creating heaven on earth and a spiritual experience of humanity.

by Jennifer Hoffman

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