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Sacral Chakra and Women
June 5, 2009
I asked Yeoshua (Jesus) and Mary Magdalene the following question: I’m
wondering today about encouraging women to become more empowered. I’m
seeing connections in some of the readings I give women about their
abdomen/sexual organs/digestive system and the sacral chakra. Can you
provide more information on that?

Chakra Empowerments

YEOSHUA: Yes, of course. If you have not studied chakras, I suggest you do so. This is an amazing explanation of the human body and allows you a way to directly influence the energies in your own body. It is
like a control panel to your brain and your body. You can manipulate
unseen energies by invoking these colors and imagery around your
chakras. We are speaking here of the 7 chakras but there are many chakra
systems and you are not limited to just one. Today, we will be
discussing the 7 chakra system.

There is the sacral chakra just above your root chakra and it is colored bright orange. Now, when women have kids, this chakra dips or fades a bit. It is important to strengthen this chakra after you have
had children. Your children absorb this energy when they are in the womb
and then take that energy with them when they are born. Women get into a
habit of giving their children this type of energy even after they are
out of the womb. This is OK. It is all part of the natural process of

But after a certain amount of time goes by and the child feels settled in the world, this drain on the sacral chakra needs to stop. You may gently do this by visualizing the child’s own connection to mother
earth and opening up their chakras first. Then you may cut cords between
you and your child through your sacral chakra. I suggest you only do
this after the child has reached the age of 2. Up until this point, your
child identifies the mother by their sacral energy and it will confuse
them if you cut this cord sooner than 2 years of age. After that, it is

After you have cut the cords of your sacral chakra with your child or children, it is important to then take care of this chakra. You should infuse it with orange light every time you meditate for a year
afterward. The drain on this energy channel is tremendous when women
have children. You need to get this energy back to return to your power
as a woman and to upgrade your hormones to return to optimal sexual
functioning. Many women find that their libido drops tremendously after
children and this is true for men too but I’ll get to them in a minute.

To energize your libido, send orange energy to this chakra and clear out any old dark energy residue left over from childbirthing. Men, too, feel a drop in the energy of their sacral chakra as a part of this
energy is devoted to their children as well but their energy bounces
back much more quickly than a woman’s. This is good to know. If men have
found that their energy in this region has not bounced back
sufficiently, then send orange energy to this spot during meditation and
clear any energy that is blocking it.

MELINDA’S FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: What other ways can we infuse this chakra with energy and vitality?

YEOSHUA: Drink orange juice and eat orange fruit. The vitality in these foods supports the reintegration of orange energy into that energy channel. Also, carry an orange stone in your pocket and every time you
feel it, send that orange color to your chakra.

Add oranges to your diet...

MARY MAGDALENE: I agree with Yeoshua on these points. This is so critical for women to do these practices. It is the first step in regaining our power. Our ancestors knew these things and we have
forgotten. It is time to remember and reclaim our rightful place next to
men, equal to men, and yet different than men. Women have natural
abilities that complement men. We are not meant to compete with natural
male abilities. We bring our own special powers to the table and it is
important to remember this.

I have some herbal remedies to help with this chakra as well. You may grate orange rind and smooth it onto your lower abdomen temporarily staining your skin orange. This is an excellent way to get your mind to
place this color in this region. It helps strengthen your visual imagery
of this area. You may also rub orange oil in this area. You can buy
this at any whole foods store or online. It has powerful revitalization
energy and will help you in and out of bed, if you know what I mean.
Have your lover spread this orange oil on your lower abdomen to further
raise and honor the energies found in this region. It can be fun and
healing at the same time.

I am hopeful that remedies and practices like these around childbirth will help raise awareness of how childbirth affects women’s bodies. It is a powerful female life event and it needs to be respected and
honored. And women’s bodies need to be treated for a year or two
afterwards to truly restore them to their optimal balance. This is just
one way to do this by honoring the sacral chakra. There will be more
blog posts on this issue so check back.

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