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Salecia - Message to relax after the weekend Blood Moon Eclipse - 7/29/2015

Dear Friends.....If you are feeling a bit spacey or like you're on an emotional roller coaster, relax as this likely is a temporary fall-out from our weekend Blood Moon Eclipse. Energies will feel lighter starting on Wednesday when you may have an easier time grounding and connecting with a sense of balance. By the weekend, insights you received during the Eclipse may be more accessible. Likewise, long-buried memories and patterns illuminated by the Supermoon may come more tangibly into your awareness.
These are the times you have heard about when incredible secrets come to light, sometimes in clusters. This is a general energetic backdrop for living now. Information coming to light can be personal or involving the whole of humanity. Some of it is very old and some relates to things we haven't been able to prove before - like the water on Mars.

Consider that your own ancient past is coming into view now - a spotlight shining on some oaths and vows you took long ago, things you promised then that have significant relevance for you now.

Examples: (1) a vow to be born in the 21st Century to carry out a specific life mission (2) an oath to protect a certain species (3) a vow to complete karma with a specific person this life (4) an oath of poverty (5) a vow to come together with a certain group of people once more in these pivotal times for purposes of transforming something in society.

Did you know that oaths and vows taken in past lives remain a living energy in your DNA lifetimes later? All that's needed is a certain catalyst to activate them. If you had religious lifetimes, most likely you took numerous oaths and vows - including the ones involving poverty. Learning what past life oaths and vows you have is the first step to understanding how they might impact you. Vows of poverty most likely do not serve you now. Other vows may be of benefit. With awareness of problematic DNA-level vows, you can then work with healing process targeted at clearing them from your DNA. This can make a huge difference in your life. 
Our current energies may be catalyzing some of your ancient oaths and vows.
Want to explore what this means in a tangible way?  
If you happen to live in Los Angeles or will be visiting on October 4, please join me at Mystic Journey for our Past Life Workshop - Oaths & Vows!
Read more below and register HERE
Already registered? Please share this information with your friends in Los Angeles. Come by 6:15 pm for the best seat and check out this fun spiritual book store. I'll be signing copies of my book Earth's Pivotal Years at the end of our evening. Live outside California? Contact me about exploring these themes in a DNA healing session! -- Wishing you love and joy until we meet again, Selacia  

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