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The Corded Path and the Light Path a message from Jennifer Hoffman

The Corded Path and the Light Path

As you proceed along the ascension path your life’s possibilities shift and new portals of potential open for your consideration.  Knowing your path in these times is difficult because it appears to be changing constantly although what you choose becomes the next step on your path. The final outcome is always your choice. As your energies shift options you did not imagine were possible for you become available. And lifelong dreams, things you have worked towards believing that they were part of your path, suddenly come to an end.

What you are learning is that as light workers who are transitioning to light beacons you have an option to follow the corded path of destiny and karma or the path of light, which is an endless flow of energy that expands outward with each step you take. Your path of healing can transition into the path of wholeness and congruence when you choose which path you will follow, the one that is not of doing but of being and you must, at some point, choose whether you will walk the corded path or the light path.

The corded path is one of destiny, karma and healing. This path does not change from lifetime to lifetime as you have a singular purpose, to heal and reconnect to your divinity and Source. It is the path you have followed from the beginning of time as you know it in the realms of polarity. It is familiar and predictable. You follow this path to heal, learn and transform and it leads you to ascension. In it you are bound to your soul group by the cords of karma, by your belief in your own separation, failure, and fear. It is a heavy path that ends when you step onto the path of light, which is a new paradigm for you and for humanity.

The path of Light is constantly changing and shifting. Each new level of awareness you achieve, each moment of self forgiveness that leads to a new, loving option for acknowledging your divinity brings you to new levels of the light path. The path of light provides you with new opportunities and possibilities once you are free from the density, karma, and fear of the corded path.

Each cord you release creates a new step on the path of light, that presents you with new options for your consideration. Every choice leads to a limitless abundance of potentials for your reality. Your willingness to be open to your limitless potential creates abundance in all things. Light creates more light in an endless flow of creation. This is your path of light.

It is the nature of the ego to want the stability and familiar certainty of the corded path, knowing what will happen next and staying grounded in the fear and pain of its wounds. The belief you must heal others, that you cannot be free and forgiven, that you are bound forever by the cords of your karmic path, prevents you from accessing the joyful freedom of the light path. But it is, like the corded path, a choice you can make at any point on your journey.

Now, at this moment in the individual and collective ascension path, you are being called to follow a different path, one that transcends fear and pain and releases you from the limitations of your karma. Following the path of light creates heaven on earth for you, where you manifest with intention and faith, aligning with your own truth, and allowing unconditional love and awareness to be your guiding light and reconnecting to your divine Source. Be true to this path, it is the one your light emanated from and is now returning to. It lights your way home, to the place in which you know your truth, unconditional love, peace and boundless joy.

And it is the light your soul seeks as its home, which is the integration of human and divine, the wholeness that allows for clear, congruent creation of the joyful, abundant life that is your birthright. It is all available to you in the path of light if you choose it.

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