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After last week's message a few of you asked if I would clarify what Myrddin meant by this comment:

“Humanity is losing its grip. The thread is drawn very thin. There are many of you who are ‘hanging on’ for humanity and you will be safe and you will be well and you will not notice that half of humanity is gone. This does not mean they are annihilated it means they are back with us here in spirit as part of The Management and as part of the evolution.”

As these words were being written I saw the earth hanging in nothingness. It was caught and held, poised and wrapped in a degrading fabric like something that had been washed up on a beach after a heavy storm. The weight of the earth in the enveloping folds was straining the thin thread by which it was held. The threads were splitting and turning as the weight pulled harder and harder on the remaining slithers of chord. Time was running out for the earth. The wrapping was like the ignorance of humanity: its arrogance, its disrespect, its misleading ideals which have led us to the point where we seem to be now… It seems that we are at a point where the destruction of the earth is inevitable. A destruction caused by humanity’s over exploitation and over population.

Myrddin says that “There are many who are hanging on for humanity” meaning there are many who have not yet given up. Those who understand the subtle realms and have the awareness of the full potential of human beings as loving entities and who exercise their thoughts and beliefs in the world in the hope that there might be a better future or a way to avoid the seeming inevitable destruction of the world.

We have to remember here that Myrddin often insists that “the world is not what it seems”. Let’s try to change our concept of the world for a minute and try to see the world differently: let’s consider it from the viewpoint of spirit and consider that spiritual teachings suggest the outer tangible objective world is the combination of all of our inner processes. The world is partly manifested, or created, each moment of the day and night by our human beliefs.

But what we do not know is whether we remain on one earth in one dimension or seamlessly flip between a million different worlds in the manner that quantum science suggests could (in theory) occur. The world need not be one world, but it gives the appearance of one world because we are only able to experience one moment each moment.

The massive multi dimensional Universal mind could be experiencing the many and total dimensional experience of all of us as we all slide through the possibilities and probabilities created by our choices and shaped by our beliefs. In this way the Universal mind would truly know itself.

And in this way, it is our choices that will dictate which manifested experience we view and observe by being in tune with it at the precise moment, and if a whole raft of worlds are destroyed we wouldn’t be aware of them because our choices, brought us to this place, not to that place.

This is not as bizarre and fanciful as you might think. The crazy world of quantum theoretical physics allows for such ‘bubble universes’ of possibility and even Stephen Hawking, in "The Grand Design" written together with Leonard Mlodinow, says that the mathematics adds up to suggest there is no single defined past to any one point of experience, in the same way that there is no single defined future leading away from that same point. There is only “now” and that is determined by the choices we make.

The world we experience is, on all levels, what we make it. Our hearts are an integral part of the mechanism by which the process works. We live in an emotion-built reality. We are emotional processors creating and experiencing the physical realm through emotional responses by contrasting them one with another. We can, however, choose one over the other and when we do we can watch creation bloom with abundance.

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