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The Month of Virgo: Revealing Our Potential by Karen Berg

The Month of Virgo: Revealing Our Potential by Karen Berg

Wednesday August 22, 2012
Welcome to the month of Virgo, a powerful month in which the universe affords us the opportunity to expand our spiritual vision and grow closer to revealing our potential. In order to do so, it is important that we have the consciousness that we need to transform because, of course, we cannot change if we are not aware that there is something to change.

So let's start off by asking ourselves this question: Have we ever been in a situation or a relationship where, despite all our efforts to the contrary, all we can seem to do is find things that are wrong with it?

This is the energy of the Virgo. People born under the sign of Virgo tend to have a critical eye and are capable of noticing the minutest details. They seek perfection in all things, from style and dress to their life's work. Oftentimes, it can be difficult for a Virgo to accept and appreciate the way things are because they have a constant desire for everything around them to be more and more perfect. The problem here is that when we seek perfection, we often end up with the imperfect.

One of the keys for this month, therefore, is to learn to accept and to be gracious with that which we receive and to remember where the only perfection lies. Such perfection is not in the human body. We have been created as human beings, not as angels. The Creator is the only One Who can produce perfection.

The second key for this month is to find the balance in life between the big picture and the details. As I mentioned before, Virgos can easily get caught up in detail. But it’s not just Virgos; this can happen to all of us. We are so focused on the minutiae that we forget the important things around us. However, what we can do this month is to use this detail-oriented energy to help us appreciate the power and goodness of the seemingly insignificant aspects of our lives instead of using it to see the imperfections and annoyances.

Consider this: For many small, almost imperceptible occurrences in life, there may be huge ramifications. For example, when a child is conceived, its form at conception is minute, impossible even to see with the naked eye. And yet from this tiny interaction springs a new life form. Or, for example, we can plant a tiny seed in the ground, and from that seed can grow a huge oak tree or a giant sequoia. We see this on the spiritual level, too, in our everyday lives, when we plant seeds of negativity, however small, which then ripple outwards to eventually become infectious separations between people.

Moses chose the smallest mountain, Mount Sinai, to reveal the greatest power in the world through the Two Tablets. Similarly, though we may seem like minute creatures in a vast universe, we have the ability, through our spiritual transformation, to change the world. Why?
Because there is a ripple effect. The sharing, the small acts of kindness, the consciousness that there is a bigger picture: All these are things that help us and the world. By the same token, however, the insincerities, the difficulties, the inability to see the broader spectrum around us or to accept the words of friends are the things that hurt us at the end of the day.

So let's connect to the larger picture this month and work to see the goodness in the details. Spiritually speaking, our work can be very simple. If we choose to go to the good and the positive, then we are pushed to go to the good. But if, on the other hand, we choose to stay unaware, then that is where we will stay. We cannot receive without sharing, and we cannot be whole without going out of ourselves.



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