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Twin flames often reunite during final incarnations in order to facilitate each others awakening in the final stages of their human evolution, in order to return together to an ascended consciousness. This is why, at this incredible time of global, mass-awakening and ascension, there is such a deep yearning within so many to find that other part of the collective consciousness with which he or she belongs or, rather, is most perfectly attuned.
Because you are, in nature, small fragments of that divine spark which holds together the entire being of all things, joining with your twin flame or reconnecting with members of your soul family signifies a willingness to return to that which you were in the very beginning when you first sprung forth from within the heart and mind of the source of all things. Because your twin and members of your soul group are closer to you in vibration than other beings, they will awaken within you a memory of yourself at a more expanded soul level. There will be a sense of telepathy and of shifting energies when you are in contact with your twin for prolonged periods as both of your light-bodies (or higher aspects of consciousness) vibrate with recognition and seek to bring the rest of the consciousness into alignment with their desired reconnection. There might also be present, a general sense that they know you far better than they are consciously allowing themselves to admit. You will, in fact, both feel as if you know each other deeply and completely love and accept each other as you barely see yourselves as a separated consciousness and therefore all is understood on every level all at once, even that which remains unspoken.

All of this is simply the recognition, on the part of your soul, of its close kin or counterpart. It does not, however, indicate that you have found a missing piece of yourself. You are complete as you are. In that sense, although there IS only one thing, one being and one essence from which we all emerge, time and time again, the idea of actually BECOMING ‘one’ with your twin flame for the rest of eternity, is no more relevant than the idea of becoming ‘one’ with any other human being, as this would entirely defeat the object and the purpose of this subjective, human experience and the illusion of separateness: which is to learn, to experience, to expand infinitely and to understand a little more about our capacity for loving.

However, finding your twin is admittedly, not like finding any other soul mate. There might, indeed, be many soul-mates: others who have elected to walk a particular path with you in this lifetime. Friends, lovers, siblings, and offspring, or even work colleagues who have chosen to learn a particular lesson with you, teach you some new thing, or meet with you in this lifetime in order to perform a particular service to humanity. Most of these will have shared other lives with you and will, therefore, feel familiar and comfortable to you.
When you meet your twin, however, you will feel a strong and dynamic pull to be together. There will be an electrical quality to your encounters, a deep empathy and a feeling of recognition or of coming home, a feeling that you speak the same language. Most of all, as a result of the dramatic leaps in consciousness usually necessary for twin flames to become harmonised with each other, a typical meeting between them will include the mysterious quality of “setting each other off” in any way which is necessary for both to reach this much desired state of harmony. They will, even unconsciously, serve as a catalyst for change within each other. This change will always bring each one closer to recognising who they truly are and assist them both in understanding and fulfilling their purpose in this lifetime.

If, when you meet this person, they are too deeply wounded to be able to fully love you, you will become a catalyst for their greatest healing. If they are already otherwise occupied in relationship with another, this might cause some pain at the level of the emotions but there will also be an automatic understanding at the level of the soul, that this is what they have chosen and that it will do no party any good for you to wish it otherwise. Love between twin flames is unconditional, as each soul recognises easily within the other, the unity and the eternal nature of all things and all beings. This is why twin flame meetings offer such a rare opportunity for becoming more loving and for such deep, spiritual understanding and awakening. Some of the conditions twin flames have had to endure at times, require that one or both of them must become almost saintly and this is sometimes, absolutely the point... :-)

Yet, friends, all of this is just a small part of the wondrous truth, and there are many truths which exist between and beyond these shared here now. For, as we know, the journey of us all is to leave no stone unturned in our search for new experience and possibility. We are all assigned to help each other in the raising of our collective vibration at this glorious time of transition and transformation. Therefore, do not limit yourselves; continue to seek to be all that you can become in this bountiful lifetime and in this tremendous age of awakening, and there will be many more surprises along the way: of that much, you can, indeed, be assured. If it is to be so, if you are truly ready, you will be with your twin and you will know it. You will come together in service and magnify your love across the earth for the joy and the benefit of all sentient beings. Yet, are there not many peas in this glorious pod, dearest ones? Are there not many hands to hold and hearts to heal?

See the journey of twin flames as the journey of all beings because, in truth, there is only one soul family: that which temporarily springs forth from God in its many forms of expression, in order to truly know itself as love ... and somewhere within the recognition of each part of this wondrous, loving whole, as simply one beautiful thing... is where true peace is found and where the truest of loves lives...

Namaste dearest ALL...

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Comment by Regina Stark on April 20, 2009 at 5:40pm
That was wondrful.I have been speaking and learning as well about twin flames.This is a confirmation or spirit.Yes we experience pain when we think we have found our twin flame and it is not to be.I also believe there is a flame inside of our own heart chamber and when we connect with it and are at peace with our own journey(even if the path is to be walked alone for atime) We must move forward in love and service.
Unconditional love all the way! We are never alone Spirt is with us always!
Thank You Selin
Blessings .
White Dove

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