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Uriel's Message -- Illusion or Delusion?

Uriel's Message -- Illusion or Delusion?

by Jennifer Hoffman

The illusion is the path of the third dimension, the creations of the mind that are the physical representation of your beliefs, thoughts and perceptions. The mind does this to create a physical foundation from what it knows to be true. When you believe in the creation of the mind, you are in delusion, creating truth where it does not exist and allowing the belief in the physical world to become the reality of your existence. You can shift the illusion but you must also transform the delusion or you will continue to manifest the same reality in your search for stability and truth.

Although the illusion of the third dimension appears to be true, its truth exists only in the mind. And since it is a mirror of your beliefs, it is easy to accept it as truth. So much of the world maintains a state of delusion and this is why it is so difficult to create transformation, because while the illusion can be changed, it is the delusion that must be addressed in order to shift reality into higher dimensions. Without this shift, the delusion allows material truth to override spiritual truth. The reality of spiritual truth cannot be seen without the mind's partnership because it creates what you can 'see', it brings form in the physical world.

Do not delude yourselves into believing in the chaos of the world. It is only a mirror of a moment of your thinking. In order for it to continuously manifest, it must be continuously supported by the delusion of the thoughts and beliefs that give it form. Once those are removed the illusion disappears and you are free to create a new reality. The only true reality is of spirit, the one that supports your power and divinity. All other truths are false, born from the mind's desire to expand its own beliefs and power.

The state of delusion is comfortable and safe for many, even though it is unstable and fearful it is what you share with others. Your mind knows it and it can be seen. Releasing the delusion removes the illusions of your reality and you stand alone, unsupported and without a foundation. This is a fearful place to be, which is why many take a small step in its direction and retreat back to the comfort of their delusion state. Are you ready to accept your divine truth and release your delusion? Can you be comfortable in the shifting energies of your truth as your illusion changes from moment to moment? Which of your aspects needs the comfort of its delusions and how can you create peace and joy if there is nothing in your physical world to support this belief? When you are ready to know your truth, you can create your reality from a place of conscious intention and instead of an illusion you will have heaven on earth.

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