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Uriel's Message -- Prioritize Your Energy

Prioritize Your Energy

There are many demands on your energy at this time as you are called to hold energy for yourselves, the planet, for humanity and to shine your light as a healing beacon for others. You came as teachers, healers, energy workers and channels, with work to do, contracts to fulfill and karma and ancient energetic paradigms to heal and complete. You are also the light for your soul groups, creating new paradigms for them to adopt or reject, allowing them to heal or engage with the new energy you create. Knowing how to prioritize your energy so that you are providing the right balance of support and healing is important to you so that you are not draining your own energy to help others on their healing journey.

Your first responsibility is to yourself, to ensure that your energy is available to complete your healing work. Taking care of yourself is an acknowledgement of the importance of your presence and work. The healing work you came to do involves others but many of you have come to disengage from your soul groups and to have closure with them. Many of these choices are energetic in nature and involve how much you will contribute energetically to others' healing. This is a change in the nature of healing, which is now possible because you have learned how to be the light instead of being the healing.

Whose energy needs are more important? That is a choice that you must each make. Some of your lessons with your soul groups involve power issues and they appear to you in the form of need or control situations. You can heal others without giving power to them by holding your own energy at its highest vibrations and allowing them to raise their energy, rather than lowering your energy levels to connect with them at theirs. When this happens you are allowing others to become your priority, instead of yourself.

You cannot hold energy or be focused on your own healing work when you are drained or giving too much to others. Those who need your energy have established this pattern with you over many lifetimes. Each of you is powerful, connected and is here to learn and heal. You can model healing by being energetically in balance with your own needs, raising your vibrations and allowing others to make their own choices. You are each the light of the world and your energy is needed for the purpose you have come to fulfill. Others are healed by finding and connecting to their power and learning to manage their energy. Be the source for them by becoming the new paradigm for healing through reminding them of their power.

Jennifer Hoffman

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