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Uriel's Message -- The Paradigm of Death

Uriel's Message -- The Paradigm of Death

The cycle of birth and death is part of the human experience. In the physical, the human body is born, travels through life, dies and the life journey is finished. Your focus on your physical being and the fear around the physical aspects of death ignores its many aspects and their influence on your spiritual journey. In the spiritual realm there is also the cycle of birth and death which occurs on many different levels. Understanding death as a paradigm for your spiritual growth and understanding allows you to measure and appreciate the progress you make on each step of your path.

In the physical realm death is the final step in your lifetime, the end of a segment of your soul's journey on the physical plane. You are aware that birth and death are part of every lifetime, a beginning that is eventually followed by an end. You view physical death as an opportunity for your soul to return home, to reconnect to Source and find peace. Yet you do not require physical death for this to happen as your soul's purpose is to create harmony and connection between the spiritual and material worlds. This is created through compassion, forgiveness and remembering your divinity.

On the soul level physical death is insignificant because the soul is endless and eternal. Focusing on physical death ignores Universal laws and keeps your attention on the brief time you chose to experience a glimpse of your soul and a single lesson you called into being on the material plane. The spiritual aspect of death is a cycle that includes birth, enlightenment transformation and death. Within this cycle death is required for enlightenment to occur, as the old must pass away to create space for the new. You experience this cycle with each lesson you enter and learn and welcome it as confirmation that you have progressed on your spiritual path.

As you move closer to spirit your material definition of death will transform as your physical body's experience of life mirrors its spiritual origins. It does not need to die as lessons are completed. You can manifest a new paradigm for your material experience and create a new reality, choose new lessons and allow your physical body to become the vehicle for their expression. There will come a day when physical death is no longer necessary, when the physical body can recognize the divinity of its soul purpose and choose to co-exist in eternity, together with the soul, as you bring home to earth and live in partnership with spirit.

by Jennifer Hoffman

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Comment by JoeAnne on January 16, 2009 at 2:17am
What is death, what do we as a species know about dieing or living for that matter. We see with eyes half open, and we believe we understand. We create a moments pleasure and believe we know how to love one another. We live but a day, blink and that day is over, and yet another begins in an endless cycle of days. What is a day but a breathe in space and time. What is true life but a bliss filled moment in the heart of creation. We are god made flesh, divinity experiencing what it means to be human. We live to be love. These hands are gods hands, this heart beats in unison with creations heart. And what is death, but the transmutation of flesh into dust, of sparks of love taking on flesh for a moment and then returning from whence it came,
Comment by Selin on January 15, 2009 at 12:47am

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