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Huelux: An Amazing Timelapse Video from Randy Halverson

" My life has been quite chaotic lately…between the kick start of the Holiday Season, travel, editorial responsibilities, healing sessions, collaborations, family…well you get the picture – I have found relaxation in new and amazing ways! This video from Randy Halverson at which illustrates so beautifully our very existence is one of those ways. Shot from April through November of 2013 in South Dakota, USA, these images can not only expand our gratitude and appreciation for the vastness that is our home but also change our very biology.

What better way to slow down and experience the awe and wonder of life!

“I shot Huelux from April-November 2013 in South Dakota, Wyoming and Utah. The weather in 2013 made it difficult for me to get some of the shots I wanted. There were many times I planned to shoot the Milky Way or Aurora, and the clouds would roll in. But that also allowed me to get more night storm timelapse than I have any other year.” – Randy
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